Oregon, Lola, Alex discussed on Code Switch - We're Still Talking About 'My Family's Slave'


Moms home in salem oregon and that's where lola lived and i know that alex was so excited to see her and his mom well but especially lola she just has just such a warm grandmotherly personality i remember that about her did alex explain lula's relationship to the family to you how did he sort of explain who she was well he explained to me that she was a great ants you know a relative of his moms and i know that i'm filipino as well so it's not uncommon and filipino families for relatives to live together and help when another so it didn't strike me as anything unusual and you know the more that i got to know alex in his family i did come to learn that she was you know what would be considered a domestic helper somebody who clearly was there to serve his mom but she also was kind of maternal figure for everyone in the family there was his real mom but she was also a very strong matriarch our presence did you in alex ever have conversations where he was like i'm really struggling with this role that lola played in my life in knowing that she was a domestic helper as you called her did he ever expressed to you feeling uncomfortable without relationship yes he did talk about that he and i have been married for nineteen years in actually for most all of this time he or none of his brothers and sisters really ever use the term slave to referred to her it's only been in the last year when alex started deeply writing this story and doing his own deep discovery that.

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