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Hello there, I'm Ian Crawford, Juan Herrera, is our producer top story we're following for you this morning. A lot of changes will take place in Congress when lawmakers return to session tomorrow Tuesday and a big vote will be held to determine the next House speaker. WTO's Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill. There are still questions over whether the house's top Republican Kevin McCarthy will get the votes he needs. But a top Democrat, House majority leader steny Hoyer, believes McCarthy will eventually be voted in as speaker, something that was denied him in the past. He got close to the Holy Grail, and he had to step back. But he didn't give up, and it appears to me that he will be the speaker. Oh, you're the veteran lawmaker from Maryland, spoke in an interview on CNN's State of the Union. He says if McCarthy becomes speaker, his job won't be easy. He will then be tested as to whether or not he can lead. As for Hoyer, he's stepping away from his leadership position, but believes he'll still have a significant role in working with top Democrats on their legislative priorities. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. Before all that happens, President Biden and his family are vacationing in the Virgin Islands, as Republicans prepare to take control of the House this week. Whoever the speaker turns out to be will face another problem. New York congressman elect George Santos. I find it outrageous that a fundamentally fraudulent candidate like choice Santos could lie to the public about his qualifications with impunity. This is the decision whether he resigns or stays that needs to be made between he and the voters who elected him. Santos now admits he fabricated large parts of his resume, including work experience and education, leading Democrats and even some Republicans to call for a House investigation. At CBS Christina ruffini traveling with the president and saying Troy, the president now said to be deciding whether he will run for a second term. Former president Trump is already announced his run, but President Biden has yet to make an official decision. At least not one that he's announced publicly. It's one 33, a Republican member of the house is one of the first congressman saying that congressman elect George Santos should consider resigning before he scheduled to take office on Tuesday. Longtime Texas Republican, Kevin Brady told Fox News Sunday that it ultimately may be up to the voters of Santos Long Island New York district, whether he stays in Congress or not, but Brady says Santos will have to at a minimum take some huge steps to regain the trust and respect of the voters in his district. Brady called the reports that Santos fabricated much of his business and educational background, including saying that Ukrainian Jewish relatives fled Europe during the Holocaust, troubling in so many ways his words. Federal prosecutors in New York have opened an investigation into Santos over his campaign funding. It's one 34 Sacramento county officials say one person has been found dead after attempting to drive through floodwaters in Northern California. The two biggest issues that we've had is to levy breaches along the river. And that's caused extensive flooding across our area. This is right outside of Sacramento in Sacramento county, kind of an unincorporated areas. And a lot of this region is just farmland, open fields, and some smaller homes, you know, kind of scattered here and there. And it's almost like in a basin where water just has nowhere to go. KO VR TV reporter Ashley sharp a law in California state route 99 near Wilton, which remains partially underwater. Russia marked the new year with new attacks on Ukraine as verbal attacks by leaders intensify. Shortly after midnight, air raid sirens rang in the new year. Only to be replaced by defiant cries, glory to Ukraine in 2023.

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