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Gloves kid gloves boxing They are still around so that that's the name of the gym and they catered to you to for the most part i'd say ninety nine percent of them come from broken homes. You know some of these kids were in gangs They just needed a lot. More attention For the trauma they were going through and this boxing gym was the place for them to be the place that loved them unconditionally. But there were there. Were rules in place you know. The kids had to do their homework. There was no swearing allowed They did those things and they. You know doubted their is and cross their ts. They allowed to train. They're for free alongside champions and they were given this. Unconditional love in the Sober environment where they felt safe. So yes if If i hadn't understood what it had done for these kids and after going on that assignment i ended up doing more stories on this. Jim called kid gloves boxing. And it's sincere valley california. Because i was intrigued. By how something that. I viewed as so violence could bring out the best in these children and what i realized later after getting into the game and competing myself. That boxing was not about getting hurt. Or hurting another person. It was about honing your inner strength and finding out Just all the impairment that one has on the inside. That's really what it's about. And i know that's a blanket answer for a very deep question of boxing became my salvation but i did not expect boxing to change me not only physically but spiritually and emotionally and it made me a stronger person and it helped me understand that for me. The fight started with started from within. But if i faced. If i faced head on that the battle is sublime and this opportunity for you to face your inner demons because you had some major battles going on with yourself from things that happened in your childhood. You were all of this. I call it. Reinvention happened at age. Twenty eight is that correct absolutely. Yes i did not start competing. I was twenty eight years old. So i mean for an athlete. That's considered old and Back then you know. So all my every single competitor. I stepped into the ring with was younger than i. Some of these girls were a decade younger than i was. So yes it was absolutely appoint of reinvention but it also forced me to look at all these What are considered at the time shadow parts of myself. These dark pieces of myself that frankly. I didn't tell anybody about come. Most people who knew me had no idea. I had gone through these things. And because if kid gloves and because of the vulnerability that i was shown by these children and even their parents and caregivers. I thought that's that's the beautiful point of it it's that vulnerability that we all share as human beings. That's the one common denominator. And i thought i need to share my vulnerability Because i believe that would it might help somebody else. But the sport is what brought that all out really made me look at what's going on on the inside of me. I did not expect that sport to do that to me but it did. I'm so grateful for it because it did. Change from the inside out to this day Retarded two thousand so to the stay lessons. I learned in boxing in that ring. Which i consider the ring of life. Everything i learned. Boxing is a metaphor for how to how to address life. Beautifully put beautifully put. And what one win one reach your book. I mean.

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