UFC, George, Two Hundred Five Pounds discussed on MMAjunkie Radio - 1: Episode 2,538: Tony Ferguson, John Moraga, Bobby Green and Simon Samano


You know better recovery and things like that but i i think a lot of it still has to do with um no ivs you know to be able to recover uh and just the fact that i i feel like we're skimming along here in luckily we've avoided something serious on the ufc stage but i i really wanna see sixty five in seventy five and ninety five so that we can have a hundred and fifteen pounds all the way the two hundred five pounds because that that's pretty sad man to see people um have to either pull out or you know staggered to the finish line and let them let that affect them the next day uh we just you know it's not boxing it's it's just ten pounds that we're asking by i really think it's in the and it's it's going to be the same for thing i think it'll help george but i feel like no matter what we do find is just going to push the limits okay it's kind of life if if you go to work every day at nine a am and you're late every now and again they go guess what we're going to let you may give you like a ten minute buffer you think you'll still come in on time you're going to push that limit right you're gonna russian a little bit more i think it's just kind of human nature but especially important sports in competitive sports like that fighters is going to push the limits and if you bump up the weight classes they're just going to do the same shit in a different way 'cause i think but i think it will help a couple weight classes that are kind of those you know where the fifteen gap i think it will help them the most but i think just overall uh fighters were just always going to push it they're always only didn't the ufc you'll see you'll have an extra belt for them to promote um and here's the thing.

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