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The fleet store i bought a all good things enterprise with the triple in the cell and i they gave away as part of their eight year anniversary like the the defiant with a cloaking device in i got the ship specifically because i could take the console from the defiant and put it on the galaxy class dreadnought which could do everything that the other ship could plus more and it cloaks so i have an enterprise cloaks dislike inaugural things and then they've got infinite money hole it's not just cosmetic they they actually have a lot of cosmetic purchases to you though but i you'll need a contract they do have some paid subscription not really anymore i mean you can you can pay for like their lifetime membership thing which gets you certain things but it's there's no reason for it and then it's got free to play so yeah not surprising so anyways i definitely recommend going to micro transaction zone to check any games that you might be thinking of playing there they're just started but i i'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of it being that they've only been out about a week and a half now at this point and i'm really really loving the option to be able to look in a game before you start playing the because most games nowadays have micro transactions at the oiseaux and it's it's getting expensive so definitely recommend checking out that site.

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