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I'm. on the. anyway you see it unlimited one point five percent cash back on every purchase just found. Capital One what's in your water what's in your wallet wow Capital One bank USA NA ease on meds to see SF Colorado springs. we are southern Colorado sports station extra sports thirteen hundred. sports way. hi I'm Jerry Berman will start with Major League Baseball on this Wednesday games in progress top of the ninth inning in Baltimore Orioles lead the Dodgers seven to three. also bought a mail in Philadelphia the brains and fillings embrace with three one Tyler flowers with a three run shot for Atlanta. all right the Marlins and Bruiser the top of the ninth inning in Miami game tied at five minutes the payroll to warmer games tonight Todd Frazier Jeff McNeil they leave the Diamondbacks nine nothing in the eighth inning bottom of the seventh the Minnesota nationals with the twins five two two also the reins and the Rangers they're only in the fourth inning in Arlington the game is tied at seven already bottom of the fifth in Anaheim unions we don't forty to sixty minutes Chicago loyal survey horns somewhere over on..

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