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Committed a crime. Paul's decision to fire the shot might still be a reasonable decision. Even if it wasn't the best decision, not the best decision is not the same as somebody who is accused of committing a homicide. So there's nothing to charge him with, and there's not been any thing of charged with in the beginning. I don't believe that there's grounds to fire him. But that is a separate decision. The fact they threw that bone out there this morning. We believe that he needs to be fired and we're going to support the firing, and that's what the scoop is report said. I think it's a prelude to the district attorney issuing a decision in which officer MENSA does not receive Criminal charges. I would not be shocked if Chisum does gratuitously. Say that he believes that Officer MENSA should be fired. In other words, talk tough will not bringing any charges. How this all plays itself out will be as I think determined by the response of the authorities in Wauwatosa as The behavior of members of the people's Revolution and others that are out there, so we'll pick up on some of the property. You know what's going on? If you've been through Alberto, so they boarded up the whole East side of the city. The National Guard has been authorized by Tony Evers. He's not giving us numbers, but I've got a little bit of insight on that. So we'll pick up on all of that again. There's been no announcer for the district attorney's office. But B and expectation has been all along is that there will not be criminal charges brought against Officer MENSA 3 57 new stock 11 30 W Wise, It's time for rapid traffic.

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