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Honky all right i wanted senate around the horn david are you in for the lil three jettison basketball leave the lure three a well three said the law three are you in for the for the little three little three it's the little i said lil you said little said lo right yeah it just sounds like cool high school games or call coup yeah like cool high school basketball yeah yeah what's wrong with that like that's fun i guess odi meaning guys like that's a watching people cross derogatory either for the sake of a tank and not as much as people of the cross up the cross over the dunk israeli the ultimate grabber of attention now true it's true i think there was an athlete who's who's five ten can dunk customer investor both david i i'll check it out all of tickets to the customer side for one game in sierra like it will maybe few trail for years you'll end of making the team and you'll be cheering from the stands jeff we'll be i still have the hiccups from laughing so hard nick rather units a customer invest herbal three little three little three definitely a customer i i just want to see the executed a sit sounds delightful understand why do you think this is not fun it's like uh care i feel like they care about who hears about watching retired nba slowly manara were what we're doing is returned in that on its head or making it fun again they can dunk sean i i i mentioned the trampoline well i i'm not sure is all war point trampoline spot on centrecourt yeah i don't know that you solve the problem from the opening beef so for that reason i'm i'm not an investor sorry bud but i'll come see a game.

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