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He said this is for my beautiful wi fi became the luckiest man the world when i exchanged vows with my best friend five years ago today and law that was their first dance the song that he fled on faris harder all yes he is the man yell so adani love is going to be really excited about this he's never missed an episode of the simpson's he told me yeah fashion he does so and so the simpson's tree house of horror that's their halloween special that's going to be sunday night on fox baby maggie gets possessed in an exorcist spoof homer indulges in some self cannibalism when a chef mario batalli cooks part of homers body should be good one blow yes i mean you know they just don't keep running out of ideas i haven't watched simpson's in a very long time but i have in either but speaking of speaking of scary speaking of fox yeah don't miss the exorcist tonight everybody it is really scary episode i got a chance to watch it last night low advancing peek at its really frequent scary so dishonored throw it out there yes and coming to show time on saturday we have george michael freedom it's the documentary about george his life that he narrated right before his death last year only tomorrow too so little creepy it is a little creepy but well you know least we have it that are no one has the sick at the something else that sean penn he reportedly tried to halt this netflix documentary a documentary on mexican drug lord el chapo oh why it comes out today because it suggests that he tried to help the cops catch el chapo by revealing his whereabouts he said he's worried about his family in they could be targeted by el chapo is people and he says i don't want to get killed so oh how i you know i've never thought about that way that is of that could be a real concern her mother when he had that meeting with them we were all like what is going on how can sean if he's on the run how can sean penn meet with the heights but is it already out there and that's the.

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