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Talking the talk his way to the dinner table she won the big stories of the day right now with ray apples on K. M. J. always making cracks about what I eat I swear anyway our number two keeping this situation with president county of mine we are very happy to have in the game J. studio Fresno county supervisor neighbor magic to speak further to this this policy changes at the chance campaign is complaining about a little bit I think it's being weaponized to target them and what I learned before we went on the air with Nathan here as you told me in I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong this all began may tenth eleven months ago a year ago and it was public meetings on this end there were calls from constituents who were concerned about individuals who work for the county campaigning on county time and so this is not it it sounds like it's a brand new issue but surprise it's not explained that is correct and ray thank you for having me on your show so the end of twenty eighteen during a public meeting the board of supervisors and when it came to our time to have just general comments a number of supervisors indicated that they had been contacted by members of the public who had concerns about employees that work for the county campaigning on county time out of that the board of supervisors I asked myself and buddy Mendez to serve on a sub committee which would work with staff to come up with a policy that would really tighten down the rules and also make sure that all departments follow the same procedures when it came to employees it wanted to seek office and we wanted to make sure to that employees had assurances in place so when they did run they wouldn't be penalized for doing just that and so out of that this process came where our staff began to meet with different bargaining units the different unions that represent all of the seven thousand plus employees of the county many of those bargaining unit signed off months ago on the kind of the process and the direction that staff wanted to go in regards to this and so this is something which is not new the county has attempted to be very methodical it as we have put this together it's not something that has happened kind of last minute we've been at it for a number of months and we're gonna continue to stay out until we get this particular policy right how do you respond to what the jazz campaign is saying is that you're you're going after me this is unfair what would you say to him you know someone who's run for office before I can appreciate just when you are a candidate running for office your hypersensitive to things that happen to route around you but with this particular let's see no one is named on the policy applies to all county employees equally and so with it it's not aimed at anyone in particular the fact that we've been working at it since the end of twenty eighteen all shows that this is something with which isn't aimed at anyone as a matter of fact I don't believe Jan's announcing he was running for mayor until early twenty nineteen so I'm I can appreciate some of the concerns he has and I would welcome him to offer up some suggestions on how we can have a policy that protects the taxpayers of the county but also provides adequate flexibility to the employees it's it's good to know that this is a county wide policy in this is something that leases make after the A. one to make very clear this is not a DA policy this is for everybody was an accounting blood which is a lot a lot a lot of people all right in the cookie cutter one hero of fair rule for everybody under county employees gonna be very hard allow you to be able to do that I don't know that your intent did you happen to hear what Lisa had to say about the situation I was able to hear there I was able to hear her on in here some of the comments that she had yeah and how would you respond hers she was she on the right track or well I I can tell you that I think Lisa Smith camp has a very difficult job already as it is and so I appreciate the fact that I believe that her hands were tied when Andrew Jans was running for Congress a little over a year ago it's my understanding that Andrew asked for some additional time off for the primary as well as the general in our our policy at that time did not allow for attorneys to be able to take time off in the primary and so she was not able to grant that time off to him because of county policy with what we're doing now with what buddy and I are doing and staff are working on we're trying to fix that piece as well as many other pieces to give flexibility to employees but again also protect the taxpayers of the county when you think and this is kind of a cheap question but when you think this will be fixed if you put a time line on your efforts here say we're gonna have this by whenever ray we've been working in on this since twenty eighteen I all I can tell you is we will not bring it forward until it's ready to go we were going to discuss it at our last board of supervisors meeting but but one of the bargaining units asked for us to meet with them again they had some additional comments they wanted to make and so we pulled it off the board of supervisors meeting and met with that particular group so we're very open to suggestions again the goal is to make sure that we're even handed but we want to protect the taxpayers and also provide more flexibility to the employees and make sure that all the departments treat their employees the same because right now the way current policy is written there certain classifications of employees who can't take time off if they ask their supervisor or director for time off they may not get that time off granted supervise let me ask you will there be more public time devoted to this one more public time devoted wall tell your buddy and I've been working on this for the weather be public hearing yes I'm saying yeah this will not be implemented without a public hearing and so at the end of the day once we believe that everything is is structured and put together appropriately they'll be a public hearing and we will continue to take public testimony on it so again this is not finalized with out a public hearing do you think you're close to fixing this getting to a compromise on that what's going to be right for everybody I can tell you I thought it was a lot closer until I read the Fresno bee this morning I I didn't realize there was so much angst about about this policy they have a habit of being a home wrecker so you know you know in it again I want to make sure that we get this right we we don't want to take too many bites at the apple we want to put this forward and make sure that it's structured appropriately and it's gonna be affected for the county what's on the policy now that you think is wrong all right now for individuals that have classifications as attorneys they are not granted time off if they requested for primary election were other classifications of employees are so that's one piece that is wrong something else to that we want to make sure that is very clear in the new policy is if you do take time off to run for office you will be given your job back if if you lose that election or if you win and you can still serving your capacity in your role as a county employee you have an opportunity to get your job back the last thing a candidate wants to face a when they're running for office is possibly losing an election and then finding out that the job that they were hoping and counting on is gone too so we're trying to provide some more some more structure some more stability for the employees of the county and rules that they can look at and all completely understand when they choose to run for office obviously those concerned or maybe the candidate himself androgens they can come to you with their own suggestions absolutely no I have not received any suggestions or comments other then of course was forwarded a letter which was threatening legal action that came I think from the the Jan's campaign that was addressed to our county council but I've not received any constructive feedback and a lot of that could have come last year when when we first started vetting and looking into this issue but for whatever reason this is being used for political purposes but I guess I really shouldn't be surprised legal action for and against what what was that the the claim they were just threats that to a lawsuit would be filed with the county moves forward with changing its policy so again the Jan's campaign would have to speak to that themselves and again this is something that's been on the books publicly since last year we've been working on it since last year that is correct and it's been no secret you have public meetings and all of that yeah we talked about this but the subcommittee together we've been meeting with all of the different bargaining units that represent the seven thousand plus employees of the county all of them have been completely made aware of it some of them have already signed off on it I don't have a list of all of them that have but again as we approach this next election cycle here's that anything that can be used as a political ammunition is is being used well that being said with all that's been done all you have done and all that the public stuff it's been already aired out about this are you surprised that you heard from the gents campaign in the tones that they give they came forward with you know I'm a little surprised that it ended up in you know in the Fresno bee that they took this and went straight to the Fresno bee I pride myself in being making myself available to any employee any constituent as well not only in my district which is eastern Fresno county but anywhere in Fresno county so I'm very sensible Andrew Jan's has my personal email address any county employee can send me an email directly but you know I have not received any correspondence about this issue from him on how to make it stronger or if he had concerns I just received like I said this letter unfortunately a day or two ago question you may not want to answer you said this originally began because of constituents and they were concerned about individuals campaigning on county time was that directed at this campaign or was this just in general were there others cited I can tell you with multiple individuals that were running for office it was not one single individual and I can tell you to with the county we have good to know yeah we have a people who serve elected capacity for special districts school boards city councils mayors that all work for the county so again we wanted we recognize the board of supervisors supervisors recognize that we needed to do something to tighten up our policies and make sure that all departments are treated equally yeah I bring this up because with the media attention it may look like androgens is the only county employee that's ever run for anything in the history of Fresno county and damning cell that is correct and so you went to school board and things like that and numerous people yet we have an individual who a service on a on a school board Bob Whalen who everybody knows he's been the mayor of Clovis and he's a council member there he is a deputy district attorney event cure Ohga she used to be.

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