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Is Jeffrey Schaub, we'll have live reports from SFO the president of the Berkeley school board and your wife are listed in critical condition after being hit. By car this weekend. KCBS Peter Finch reports the accident happened while the two were walking across a busy intersection. The crash happened early Saturday morning about a block from the couple's home. Investigators say school board president Judy appel. And attorney Alison Bernstein were walking across Martin Luther King junior way near Stuart street in south Berkeley. When a man driving north crashed into them police say the eighty one year old driver remained at the scene and did cooperate with the police officers who responded to the crash there is a crosswalk at the intersection. But no, stop sign or traffic lights. It's not clear exactly where appel Bernstein were when they were struck appel is a longtime school board member who finished fourth in the June primary for the assembly district fifteen seat. She was a co founding board member of the Ella Baker center for human rights and served as executive director. Actor of our family coalition, which supports LGBT families. Bernstein is a lawyer in the state public defender's office. She has been a lecturer at the Berkeley law school and a member of the Berkeley police review commission. Peter Finch KCBS news a sophomore on the Cal football team has died. Six days after suffering a medical emergency near his southern California. Home nineteen year old Brice Turner was a defensive back for the golden bears. He had been hospitalized near his bellflower home in Los Angeles County since December thirtieth when he suffered a medical problem during a workout the cause of death is not being released. Just yet Turner spent the two thousand sixteen season at Long Beach City College before transferring to UC Berkeley, he played just one game for the golden bears this season just ahead on KCBS tenant governor Gavin Newsom is poised to become governor of the state. KCBS news time traffic time eight oh, eight Santana Ramey. It's more or less the calm before the storm the traffic challenge. I guess is going to pick up later in the day. The it is the calm before the storm. Indeed. But the storm is already impacting just.

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