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That show I love the love boat that we had go for on our show from the love boat. We had him on like, 10 years ago. He's a fun guy to talk to Fred Grandy. I think his name was really cool guy. He's be celebrities. They're getting harder to find. I know awful. Speaking of which we had a desk for the with happy Show any money, interviewed any money a few years ago. Remember that interview? Yeah. Chris Berman, Bobby or famous hockey player. Rocky Bleier, famous football player for the Steelers great official Famous weatherman Ron Francis Scotty Bowman, who's Hall of Famer Hall of Famer, and Gary Bettman, who's commissioning NHL. We've got all these other three disc set. And we'll get this way when you when you call today you're gonna get this is well and you know you need to see d player remember CDs? How fast did we lose these? Thanks, Batman. Remember Blue, Gray and blue gray DVDs with this was the big thing is also there one that has that the streaming online now? Yeah, thanks, change, and so we don't want to be caught in a financial plan that's left behind as well. So Steve again. Let's let's open it up for 10. More people that know the phone lines are lighting up right now. And I've also got that. Don't worry, Retire. Happy DVD. We're gonna give away as well as the three books set. But more importantly, a total retirement plan, which we do 22 steps behind the scenes taxation factored in income needs safe money, safe money with growth. All these things we talk about, but we put it in writing for you. Based on your situation based on what you tell us. You want to do not only today tomorrow but all the way through retirement. And many times spouses are different. Morgan, You've heard me talk about this one spouse wants to do one thing. The other spouse wants to do another thing. It's difficult. Sometimes it's difficult but sitting down as a couple and and talking about it and letting the other spouse be heard, sometimes one of the spouses does most of the planning. But guess what? That other one is in there well, and then what are the chances are they're both going to die the same day, probably slim to none unless you own a car. And so that's why this little green Book of Life is very important to its 100 pages. Interactive that help you died. Him out. Number one. What You want to have happen in your life when you're not here or left? You pass away? Sure, but we're all all the things you've accumulate during your wife are because a lot of times we forget toe can't remember. Sometimes worse. Things are right. But you have to know the if you have life insurance what the insurance company's name is your health insurance. Your Social security all these kind of things. Safety deposit box. Maybe that's where it was all the passwords, passwords, especially online. Unbelievable. Somebody I've seen this in the past where someone's passed away. Yet their Facebook account is still alive happens every year. A friend of mine Bill he's been dead for 10 years, He still comes up on Facebook. It's spooky, so let's do this. Let's give all these goodies away. Sure, for the next 20 people call it's our strategic development process. So we're gonna review your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues that may exist in your IRAs, capital gains taxes even Social Security has taxation that we need to be aware of, and then we're gonna establish your retirement income goal. That's money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle, not just getting by all the way through retirement. They were gonna analyze your current investments to establish the real costs and fees and a calculated risk exposure level. The real cost of feast financial termites. What's eliminate him? What's identify and let's get rid of them. And then if we have maybe UFOs, unidentified financial objects in our portfolio we don't need with find the real need and the real the real purpose of your investments. And if they if they don't make me if they don't meet these, let's get rid of him. Never gonna do that. A calculated risk exposure level based on the risk you're taking right now. What would happen if the market did not do what we thought it was going to do that ever happened in her life. Okay, Stu. Thanks. Let's make sure they have a plan A master plan to put up with any deficiencies or any curve balls that are thrown our way. Fine we're going to do we will determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs. Also gonna consider taxes and inflation. These are too big enemies in the financial world. So let's identify him. And let's put a plan together to combat these and give you more income than you ever need to combat those to Steve. Give all these goodies way as well as the three books, said the DVDs and anything else Anybody wants that You have the book with the 20 page book with the changing Story of retirement, which you can read it and fill in the blanks on that as well. For the next 20 people call right now. 20 callers right now, 8886238858. That's 8886 to 3 88 58 Here it is, folks an opportunity to Sit down with Coach Pete in the team of capital financial Take that complex financial world turn it into something that simply makes sense. It's a chance to get a true practical retirement review. If you've never done it before. No time like the present, Don't procrastinate Another day You heard coach the next 20 collars. They're going to get that comprehensive retirement review plus all the extras. The three books, said the DVDs all of that. Oh, and if you come and you get a free candy bar, too, with the candy bar, the mother it's a payday. Yes. So come on in for your payday, and it's a phone call away. That's how it starts. 8886 to 3 88 58. Then when you walk out you're gonna have in your hand that road net that we talk about that can help get you to where you need to be when it comes to retirement. 8886 to 3 88 58 88623858 or just text 401 K to 21000. So we're gonna continue with more Americans. For one case you're right after this. 100,000.

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