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We need to be sure that he will be keeping this around and also to be honest the day defeats out there there are very few there that are actually quite sophisticated even like i can give you a an interesting example right now there are several websites that are tracking get cookbook tidgy projects and if you dig into their data you're gonna find out that actually for many of the projects this data is really not accurate and it's not very accurate for very simple reason they count the number of commits for each project but if you fork let's say bitcoin you're gonna start with thousands of commits in hundreds of contributors in your so you'll be very far forward you know for example if you look at these websites you you'll see that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin gold which you know probably most people haven't heard about is like the plan of defective which is just not true like they don't have him with contributors in thousands of commits that's you know end so you need to be really careful when you collect such kind of data and create your develop our own development activity tracking which is it's not immune for journey let's say but at least doesn't have this problem with forking in winning four i don't know the lyrics colonel will be like the most if you are on call and you get paged at two am are you sure you have all the data you need at your fingertips are you worried that you're going to be surprised by things that you missed errors or even security vulnerabilities because you don't have the right visibility into your application you shouldn't be worried you have worked hard to build an amazing modern application for your customers even worrying over the details and dotting every i and crossing every t you deserve an analytics tool that was built to those same standards an analytics tool that will be there for you when you need it the most sumo logic is a cloud native machine data analytic service that helps you run and secure your modern application if you are feeling the pain of managing your own log event and performance metrics data checkout sumo logic dot com slash s daily even if you.

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