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Right doesn't it? Divisive, Shit we sat here. There's no way to such. It's GONNA be cursing to drugs or anything it's going to get monetize for. Sure. Anyway let's Java. That's the episode checkout dates like I said on part of the problem my stuff. You could find me here on Youtube and you're RSS Feed I've a podcast arch of your skeptic tank. That you're listening to right now please tell some friends about it. House up another podcast called sixth jump, which is more fun and ridiculous Were no longer on loud on Youtube because they just kept taking us down for copyright show. So on Patriot patriot, dot com slash six. And jump. Six Spelt as away way with a six T H S I x t h they both point to the same spot and. And know for five bucks if you get in there also before the end of September, you get a free bonus episode of murder. She wrote Alive Watch along with us we're, GONNA plan in October of murder she wrote but. That's only if you if you join Patriot before the end of September so and then my picture on. Are you fear. Or skeptic tank. In there my friend has wants to do more interviews on them. I can't just see. You guys know I can't have somebody come in for a fucking half interview that. Way Way less people are going to see it. You know that's the only reason. You know patriotic boy, it's fucking fifteen hundred people twelve hundred people trying to get up to twenty five hundred. But here on on the RSS feed and the Youtube, it's fucking millions and millions of here every single episode. subscribe on Youtube by the way if you don't mind hit subscribe. Police subscribe. I'm trying to one hundred, thousand followers if I can do that or subscribers can do that. Then, everything will be easier. That's my goal for Youtube two guys. Let's just fucking. Let's do it. We're done. If. You're gonNA, choose the fucking music or is your skeptic episode four one. Twenty twenty state of the union part one with Dave Smith.

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