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Sounded like they were having a good old time where John Young Charles Duke on the Apollo Sixteen landing mission on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. I remember reading this bulletin on the Radio President of South Vietnam Young Teen Fleas Saigon. On this date in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty five as you unlock. The last South Vietnamese outpost blocking direct North Vietnamese assault on Saigon fell. It was on this date in one thousand nine hundred nine in Beijing. Around one hundred thousand students gathered in Tiananmen Square to commemorate Chinese reform leader. Who Yaobang a scary moment in Pittsburgh as Ritz pitcher Salman Torres accidentally? Hit the cub. Sammy Sosa on the head. With a fastball. He's back up and throwing now. Sme TERRAR- Sosa gets hit in the head now. The fastball broke banning helmet but fortunately Sosa came away relatively unscathed the Bush administration on this date in two thousand six call for Russia and Europe to penalize Iran over its suspected nuclear arms program if no agreement on sanctions can be reached soon at the UN Security Council. Iranians have put both feet on the accelerator. They're moving very quickly to establish new realities on the ground associated with their nuclear program. Under Secretary of State Robert Jokes up and it was on this date. Six years ago Flint Michigan switched. Its water source to the Flint. River beginning the ongoing flint water crisis which caused lead poisoning in up to twelve thousand people and fifteen deaths from Legionnaire's disease ultimately leading to criminal indictments against fifteen people. Five of whom were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Passing away on this date in history. Mark Twain Gumbo marks the fifth marks that we never hear much about British workless. Sandy Denny actor Walter Sleigh Zach Jimmy the Greek Buddy. Rogers the actor and musician not the wrestler. A singer Neal Matthews Junior Nina Simone Charles Colson prince and Verne. Troyer you remember him from the Austin powers movies. The little mini me a more on this date in history actor Anthony Quinn singer Don Cornell singer. Paul Davis Queen. Elizabeth is ninety four today. Actress comedian. Elaine may is eighty eight you remember her with Nichols and May Charles. Grodin is eighty-five evangelist. James Dobson Eighty iggy pop of the stooges seventy-three Tony Danza. Sixty-nine from groundhog day ending McDowell is sixty two from CNN and Headline News Robin. Meade fifty one Nicole Sullivan a mad. Tv is fifty and from the tomorrow people and Flash Robbie MFL is thirty two though some of the people celebrating the twenty first day of April is their birthday. And if this is your birthday you go back sixty three years April twenty first. Nineteen fifty seven. Suspense chickenfeed starring. Lloyd bridges. That's up in three minutes here on a Tuesday edition of Classic Radio.

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