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Me As a mom and as a growing in Christ and becoming a new creation and so I'm just so thankful that we've stuck it out for each other that absolutely you know one of the best things that my husband and I did in our early marriage was. We attended A family life marriage conference where it was the I still do conference and one of the things that they have you do in that conference. Is you take the word divorce off the table? So it's never an option and I think that You really when you look at your marriage is a covenant not only between each other but with God And you take that divorce off the table. It's never an option so my husband has seen me at my absolute worst and my absolute best in his helped me through all of those things as I'm sure your husband has as well So but I just I love what she said there. So tell me more about your book. Y Mother had matters. And then the second Goal of my book and I and I hope this came through our to discuss the matters of motherhood the things that we most often have the most difficulty walking through and Sifting through as moms and I began the book the first couple of chapters about our story of loss which was great and I began my book that way. Because I want women who cannot have children or are in the journey of loss to remember that there's hope and that God loves them and to bring them some comfort and that We're always moms in our hearts you know. I think all women had this maternal mentoring Part to us and so I have had some of my closest friends who don't have children be the strongest mentors to my older daughters who are in their twenties. Now I absolutely love that and So the first three chapters of my book I talk about how Infertility and loss miscarriage stillborn Lost that people. Walking next to someone can help their friends and family through this and not. Just pretend like it doesn't happen because it really does and also for the women who are going through that to hang onto hope and so I began my booklet with that because people you know the here my bio and the year about me and they think Oh. She has ten children but they don't know the beginning of my story. They don't know you know the experiences in the journey and where we've come from an and I want women to know that I want women to know that the story is over. You know that that God has something got something for them and To give them comfort. So that's how I began my book and Yeah I you know. I've been through all of those things that you mentioned and more And was what prompted me to write my book the Stress Real but so as God because our struggles are real but God is there in the midst with us and we're not ever alone but I'm so grateful that you.

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