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FDIC terms, conditions, and expression. Alexa, play Bosnia around. Wait. I didn't mean anything by that policy accepted. So what station did you want to hear again playing NewsRadio eight forty A S on iheartradio. Long as you live three and Williams, very vehement. Dr Ewing with the chair umpire Carlos Ramos, causing her a point in the match. And she loses the US women's tennis tournament jobs. Brian Clark was there covering it. All on ABC, News Radio joins us this morning, Brian. What are you witness? What did we would is this weekend? I'll tell you when it's a couple of things we saw you eat just hurt. Serena. Unfortunately, kind of losing her composure. She was very upset. We also witness and don't let it overshadow. Those already has the birth of a new story. Soccer match at three point eight million dollars, the US open champion. But this story is usually it's about three. Well, it's interesting because miss Williams also had this to say that this happens all the time with other men. Call other umpires several things and I'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality. There are many women who take Ramos to task over this. Is this true? I mean, you you covered tennis all the time. I mean, do you see men getting away with things at three and a Williams said or maybe even worse? Why wouldn't necessarily say they get away with it? She's right in that. Yeah. People have called chair. Fires a lot. What's the hope? Serena though, when she got the third got three code violations, then each one absolutely the penalty and the third one was for calling for almost the chair umpire because he's just taken a point from for a second violation. Say okay, that's something terrible. You just said I'm going to take a whole game away from you. That was her third code violation. And that's how the penalty schedule ramps up the third one is a point penalty. So. The fact that it was essentially. Selena y the penalty was harsh. I will put you on the spot. I mean, it depends. There's a lot of people that say it is sexist the way the women are treated, and there are others. Say would look like you pointed out there were three violations here. The Women's Tennis Association, though, agrees with her that she's not alone here saying that the penalties were sexist. What they wanna see they're talking about it and even application of the rules where started was the first violation. Carlos Rama saw hand signal from Serena's coach Patrick for Liu. And he ruled that was coaching coaching is not allowed. And. Sometimes it's a lot of time. See channel player out of a courtesy like Ross, courtesy warning. And there's no thank Carlos Ramos. Give. Courtesy warning reputation of somebody who goes by the book. So yes. Yes. As you want to see the rules apply differently. You want them applied even to everybody? Worth it fischel thing that than a gender thing. Okay. Let the force these rules that are on the books. That's an accident. It's a really interesting point from the standpoint, you know, umpires their baseball players at all. This up. You know, always goes with the ball dropping out of the strike zone in their opinion or something like that you always had to prepare for who you're on pire slash referee is going to be exactly. Taken aback by by the first violation worshipping you. Essentially, you're choosing the cheating. I never cheat. And she's right in that. She's never been a player who's been. Have a reputation as okay there. There's coaches only ever had that reputation. If you saw the video playback it is pretty late. What her coaches telling her that situation where it's a guy who is going to force pretty strictly. All right. Appreciate your time. Excellent report as always. We'll talk more about this. I'm sure you're out to the course of the day. Tim white from eight o'clock Takata's morning news sports with Paul Rodgers on the way next time for traffic. Newsradio eight forty W H E S wherever windows, traffic.

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