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<Music> <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> I love the concept of <Speech_Male> experiments especially <Speech_Male> when they're in this <Speech_Male> format of a series <Speech_Male> the twelve all <Speech_Male> month series of experiments. <Speech_Male> What <Speech_Male> did you do for that? <Speech_Male> What kind of experiments could <Speech_Male> you begin in the new <Speech_Male> year or it could <Speech_Male> be any time of course if you're listening <Speech_Male> later doesn't really <Speech_Male> matter? It doesn't have to be <Speech_Male> twelve months either. It <Speech_Male> could be quarterly. Could be like I'm going to do <Speech_Male> different projects for <Speech_Male> different experiments. <Speech_Male> You know in twenty twenty <Speech_Male> or whenever it is <Speech_Male> or maybe it's <Speech_Male> going to do four entirely <Speech_Male> different side hustle <Speech_Male> ideas in <Speech_Male> an try one <Speech_Male> for a while. They'll try another <Speech_Male> one. We'll see at <Speech_Male> the end of the year or however <Speech_Male> long the time period <Speech_Male> which <Speech_Male> one I want to focus on <Speech_Male> going forward <Speech_Male> sometimes it really does take <Speech_Male> trying out a bunch of different <Speech_Male> stuff before you figure <Speech_Male> out okay. Here is where <Speech_Male> I'm gonNA find. Traction <Speech_Male> that is absolutely how it's <Speech_Male> been in my life and career. <Speech_Male> I'm <Speech_Male> not surprised to hear that this process <Speech_Male> worked for Sammy as <Speech_Male> well but <Speech_Male> of course it takes. <Speech_Male> It takes courage to <Speech_Male> try something that you know <Speech_Male> might fail <Speech_Male> or it might not <Speech_Male> work out the way that <Speech_Male> you want. But hopefully <Speech_Male> it's going to eventually <SpeakerChange> get you <Speech_Male> closer to your ultimate <Speech_Male> goals and that's <Speech_Male> why you try it. Okay okay. <Speech_Male> So what are your goals. <Speech_Male> One of mine is <Speech_Male> to serve you every day in two <Speech_Male> thousand twenty through the all <Speech_Male> New Year of interaction <Speech_Male> which is coming up in <Speech_Male> just a few days <Speech_Male> at least a begins in <Speech_Male> a few days and it's going to go for <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> a long time. Three three <Speech_Male> hundred sixty five days to <Speech_Male> be precise <Speech_Male> okay. Inspiration <Speech_Male> is good but inspiration <Speech_Male> with action is better. <Speech_Male> Today's <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> show notes are outside of <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> school dot com slash <Speech_Male> ten ninety. Two <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> One thousand thousand <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> ninety two for Episode <Speech_Music_Male> One Thousand <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Ninety to <Speech_Music_Male> enjoy the rest <Speech_Music_Male> of your year and take care of <Speech_Music_Male> yourself <SpeakerChange> my name. <Speech_Music_Male> Is Chris Gallego. <Speech_Music_Male> This is science <Music>

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