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B._M.. English speaking Radio Channel presents the M English word of the my name is tragedy and I'm your host for this episode. You are listening to episode number one one hundred and thirty ninth of season three today's word is mundane. Monday means ordinary not entrusting thirteen relating to practical matters of this world would be English speaking radio channel learn venue would every day and impressed the world in Biz English what capillary lesson you will learn how to use the word mundane reassurance that this lesson will help you to enhance English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently mundane is spent as. M U and D A and e the word mundane means ordinary not entrusting or for routine for example. The boss announced an office picnic to take a break from the mundane works. Get you will listen carefully how we can use the word mundane in eight different situations in eight different sentences example number one of eight. She had an extremely busy schedule one day. Why surfing the net she came across an APP that allows you to schedule various? Monday tasks like bill payments. She found it very convenient and downloaded the APP example number two off eight. At the annual gathering of the company the factory workers enacted a plea above the mundane life this may management introspects about the same and they decided to implement better facilities for the workers US example number three of eight. The profitability of the company was deteriorating was deteriorating for the last three quarters therefore the board board of directors asked the to focus on innovative strategies therefore the board of directors asked the C._e._o.. To focus on innovative strategies and delegate the mundane work to his subordinates example number four of it Japan has made huge progress in the field of robotics. The technology developed by them allows robles. It allows robots to carry out many mundane tasks reach up presently done by humans. Wow isn't this interesting. Do you know that you can speak in English. Just us like your mother tongue. Get in touch with the trainers for free evaluation of your English and chain you to build on your English fluency to know more about our English fluency courses log onto our web site W._w._w.. W. W. Dot B.. M. Consultants India Dot com example number five feet. The principle of the Technical Institute held a meeting with the teaching staff in this meeting he encouraged them to to replace mundane teaching methods with in a way to vont here requested them to present their ideas for this in the next meeting lettuce understand example number six of. Feet 'cause she's husband was transferred to a small town. Initially she found the life there to be very mundane. However soon she made friends with our neighbors and enrolled role for many social activities this header to change perspective and she was happy moving onto example number seven of eight the spiritual leader decided to devote more time time for meditating and giving lectures on religious matters therefore he formed a team of members who will manage on Monday in matters related to their organization lettuce understand example sample number eight or feet many readers all over the world recognize shallow homes as one of the greatest private detectives in literature his specialty in solving any crime? was to ignore the mundane issues and focus on something strange on unique. Wow isn't this an interesting example. Today we learned the word mundane which means ordinary not interesting routine or relating to practical matters of this world now quickly frame three sentences with mundane and type in the box. We are waiting via sure this lesson has helped to build your English were cabinet and speak fluent English. You can download the script of this episode and honor episodes from W._w._w.. Dort B. M. English speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new English vocabulary lesson via on a mission to train one Indians in English fluency. This was episode number one hundred and thirty nine of two.

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