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I used to always watch the Olympics with a lot of pride. You know athletes competing for the United States of America. They raised the flag opening ceremony. Do the national anthem Hand over heart taking your gold medal? Representing yourself and represent your country. But now This. I think this Olympics he's got the next summer games has a lot going against China. Number one number two no fans. So there won't be anybody there watching and number three. We have people competing like the transgender BMX biker who says If he wins at the Olympics, she will burn the US flag at the podium. To show just how she feels about this country. Her name is Chelsea, Andrea Wolf. Hang on a second there. Who said my goal her goal, she said. Her goal. What's to go to the Olympics? Let me hit this again. And this site is really bad making me wait here. My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a U. S flag on the podium. This is what they focus on during a pandemic, hurting trans Children. He thinks that somehow we're hurting trans Children, so she wants to burn the US flag at the podium. Well, First of all, we could have an entire conversation about she competing as a she at the U. S Olympics and how fair that is to other. She's But I'll leave it at that for now. 7 40 Runners warehouse. We'll talk about them. We'll get the traffic and weather in the second race warehouse has guaranteed rent if you if you check this out if you have a home to rent and you qualify With the folks that run his warehouse. You could get not a month not six months up to fall years Rent right up front. So what makes sense about running out your home Well, Lot of things. If you don't need to take the equity under that home to put into another home that it might make all the sense in the world, you continued on the home, which means that the value that home continues to go up. Your investment in that home continues to go up as well. In the meantime, somebody else is paying whatever mortgages left in paying you on top of that. Or if you own the home outright, That's just money you're putting in your pocket. There might be a good retirement plan for some folks, Renters warehouse. I think they're the best property manager in Houston, and now they're paying landlords up to a full year's rent. Right up front. To find out more calls 7132 to 4 rents Renters warehouse, Houston, 7132 to 4 rent or go to renters warehouse dot com. Time for traffic.

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