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Malcolm bothering we don't have to go back down this route at all but the fact that he sat malcolm butler in uh the super bowl when malcolm butler could've made the difference in that game that's on belgian bill bellichik in my opinion lost the super bowl throwing the patriot by not play malcolm butler but that it here nor there but the fact is the patriots have a good time because the patriots win in my experience in in very limited athletic accomplishment when you win something sprayed have fun it makes the hard work worth it and think about the other teams that win in professional sports the spurs the spurs have a lot of fun the gregg popovich is dislike good time down san antonio they can do anything but work during the season no when they have fun when they celebrate is at the end of what five seasons in the last twenty years when they've been lasting standing when they're raising the trophy that's when you have fun same thing with the cowboys the 1990s you have fun when you raised that trophy the red sox you have fun when you raise the world series trophy fawn luna fund during the season is the seat supposed to be fun tens attend have a lot of fund look i know everybody wants to be the the goals they wars model right i mean that's the the model everybody kind of job shoots for you want to be the warriors they looked like they have a good time they're loose their freeflowing everything's like that but the is the exception more often than not you've got to be kind of a knows the grindstone type of team all the time to cap success professional sports so lane johnson utterly by to what you say there are frank reich is the new had coach in indianapolis colts finally get the get their man searches over there eagles off its to hurts guy by the way that.

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