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They may have a new ham or whatever. But the idea is that there is so much invasion taking place at the moments that motivation is going to be a very inspirational events. Yeah. Just going to be stuffing yourself and drinking. I was saying trying not to it. But you remember from previous experience when I got back to the London I didn't crave for a Barikot ham for a few weeks where you Dougie bag. I promise you if you went about the Wednesday with a black bag. That's for you. Listen to is is before you go. We get their tool because matured is in the middle of the taxi strike. I don't know is no white happens when I'm here. But it's a it's ex over sexy striking now, maybe they can per about supposedly. That's no the recommended option because drivers are on strike and Uber is the reason to ride sharing services. So so they made a deal in Barcelona in Barcelona. It was agreed that you can't Palin rebel. You can't get it straight away. You have to reorder it at least fifty minutes before. But it seems that Madrid's tax drivers on not happy with this suggestion either. So therefore. I'm going to be using the public zero sports more underground in my bus at least twenty to nibble on the way, Marcus. Thank you very much for coming onto. And of course, our listeners can hear more about this on unusual next week. That is true on Friday already this week actually on Friday as noisy in hundred London time, very that's twenty hundred here in measurement. Thank you very much teeth. That's Marcus hippy said she chain into the menu for more on that as he says on Friday, and of course, Marcus, I think will be giving us regular check ins from the event that's Madrid fusion the biggest culinary event in the world that kicks off as he says in around about an hour's time we'll be expecting regular check ins from him on various programs during the week culminating with his special on the menu on Friday, and that's all for today's Parker. Thanks to producer. Daniel bauge. Our research just page Reynolds. Marianna aggressor monthly mainly Evans and our studio manager today was David Stevens. After the headlines, there's music on the way. And I think Ben Ryan will be in the studio to give us the continental shift. The briefing is live at midday in London will pick up on some of the big current events happening today. And I'm alive them further. And then of course, shot programming and music continue for the rest of the Elton. I'm Tina, Gordon, our return on the globalist at the same time tomorrow. Thank you for listening..

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