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But even though it does focus and really closely on people during individual scenes there's nothing that like lingers in the suffering in the wave at detroit does it's more concerned with with the big picture and with a episodic ongoing developing story that slowly gives you the language like it it doesn't really can textual eyes with history explaining what's going on and why any more than detroit does but you kind of get a language for it over time and you kind of come to understand like the the big forces in relation to each other in a way that i to me detroit just came down to a small group of people harming people in a way that seemed much less emblematic and representational of of something bigger important for fruit from me what makes pedal or jeers more successful as you don't really good no the characters although well you'll know the well enough book what a locsin dubbed the eujordan scoping i feel like we're giving a very big story told in a lot of detail in oriole in a really sprawling way with algiers and an and we don't get out with detroit that's the thing of the the word that keeps coming to my with the guards detroit is is myopia in the in that as a consequence of focusing so much it on this one event that you that you miss a lot of stuff around it and um but by the same token if you think about it as a active journalism heard the cinematic journals and was on fusion of the two it's well reported story right i mean like like if you're if you're talking about like trying to account for the the who what when where whatever of this specific event the film does it thoroughly and effectively in vividly but i think it's just maybe we needed more than that so the battle of algiers available on criterion dvd and blu ray it's also currently streaming on film struck and can be rented from a variety of other sources detroit opened on three thousand plus screens but only the middling box office so you might want to hurry out to see it or not uh we'll we'll be right back with her usual recommendation segment your next picture show.

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