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Until the present moment. What with an E. D. Right? Not start. Not like I just use a salt now, boys, just like this salt and pepper or something like that. Yeah, I think stole me. That's extolled. There's a green Is it blue Stalled? You say tomato? I say Tomato, Um Stolt would be me mispronouncing or misunderstanding. Some Russian American arms treaty from the Haiti's I think I've never would they like I'm throwing in a tea for tanks. Drinks also are gonna be limited in the stall treaty. What is better talking about Queen now that's really stalled. It's told bogus. Stop watching Bridget tonight. You're probably in Episode three scene like 14 minute Mark. I get it. It's distracting that one's never even started to then stall. We're on Episode zero of Richardson. I'm just going to say this, do yourself a favor and watch it. Okay. E think your wife would like it. I think you should go out by myself. Yeah. D Oh, absolutely. It's a couple thing unless you want to start. Yeah. It's still about then your self salt. How'd you got any? Um, the only whisper phone pics tonight? It's an interesting It's an interesting night. There's some there's some Tom. What did you say The lines are? 7.5 on both games as of right now. So that's Houston to seven, a half point favorite over Oregon State. Yes. Baylor's seven a half point favorite over Arkansas. Which seems big. Yeah, like a lot of points. I think that like Oregon State is that crazy? I think I kind of just got crazy. I want to push me in that direction. They're just like this weird pact old magic happening right now. I mean, I feel weird coming out and saying that it is crazy even though it does sound kind of crazy to me. Yeah, but I mean, look, they Every one of these teams plays tough to the end of the game, too. That's a thing like you can't even say with spread like 7.5 to you can be confident that they won't hang in there even if they don't win, So, yeah, I don't think it's crazy. Seven has a huge number in a college basketball game, too, because you can slow the obviously like it's a huge. It's a ridiculous, ridiculous amount of time that every team has per possession. The games can certainly be be lower scoring. There just aren't especially in the games. Get tired of the and you could. There just aren't as many possessions seven a half some pig number. Just for the record the over under his 20 points more for the second game. Arkansas Baylor. It's out once 48.5 for the first game, It's 1 29. I mean, you could mean this is you know this is math hash tag. Math hashtag. Science has to extol, but Baylor's poor shooting night. I mean, I certainly could see them having a great night. You shoot 50% or 45% of the three point line. You sort of course. Correct. You're a little more comfortable, right? Just the odds moving your favor. Hunger games style, maybe forever be in your favor there. Publish your hunger games guy. Maybe. Maybe the other good thing they could put a woman on Arkansas. I haven't had that game yet, either. And, you know, Arkansas has also come from behind in almost every game. So like neither team has really hit their stride yet. You're right. It's it's every game over that. Last night's insane, Eric most most coached five and Chevrolet games to a Nevada three Arkansas. He's been behind by double figures in all of them. So for some, whatever reason his team have these weird necks of falling in the holes, and I don't know that they if they do again tonight that they can recover against Baylor. I thought I heard somewhere from a friend of the ship Muscleman couldn't coach and that Muslims wife, they'll push back on. That is that that is that. Is that still a thing? You're looking at me. What did I do Not, you know, Todd for Todd Furman said on HQ. He couldn't coach. That's not what he said. I think, he said huge coaching advantage. For Chris Beard in that game is that was at the game that I'm thinking of. Yes, biggest coaching mismatch in the tournament, he said. It's pretty big Stephen. I don't Muscleman came out was all our good coach. Yeah, right, man. His energy really is amazing. I mean, this guy is just bouncing off the walls, Which is why it's funny that he's managing these huge swings too. He can keep his team in it, I guess just by like Sheer willpower. Fascinating dude. All right. I love it. I love it will allow. Maybe we'll do some lines on. I can't leave our show's almost over on the gym room show, Mr Mr Bogue ish. I don't want things to go. Be stalled the beast before that happens. Here. He did. Hey, man. Ain't good of the Dutch. We're still friends. It's OK, I think. Yeah. I thought Tom was gonna Purcell there. I don't think so. But I made a face. Let some Let's zoom, do nothing. Yeah. Why not? The men have reached the elite eight and Gonzaga still perfect. 29 26 consecutive wins by 10 plus points after yesterday afternoon's 83 65 dismissal of Creighton. Mark Few's team just keeps brushing off opponents. Literally. Everybody's been after us from since July one right and Getting everybody's best shot and s so they're used to that and you know, they always they always show and they're always going to give greater next is USC After dispatching Oregon last night 80 to 68 the Trojans seven. Been this deep in the 20 since 2001 U. C L, a authored authored it yesterday is only surprise 88 78 You know what C over second seeded Alabama. The Bruins scored 23 points in overtime after just 25 in the second half. As they waited an 11 point lead. It's their first lead eight since 2008 they face Michigan or knocked off FS You yesterday 76 58 so that elite eight begins at 7 15 Eastern. This evening, Houston, Oregon State and then Baylor. Arkansas Is your nightcap Do women's elite eight stories with a Yukon Baylor showdown at seven? That is followed by Arizona, Indiana away from the madness. Indiana hires Mike Woodson as head coach. She has only coached in the MBA but played for the Hoosiers under Bob Knight. Back in the late seventies. Hoosiers also hiring former Ohio State head coach that Mata as associate a D from men's basketball so he could help would soon with the college game. Well, you might not like the NBA's buyout market, but Frank Vogel pretty excited. The Lakers signed Andre Drummond yesterday..

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