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So of course I was probably looking at the art schools before looking at the jobs but so that tells you right there but I found Google search. I was like looking through our school and then up popped up to different things. It was the Portfolio Center. And then the great circus and I remember reading because as I was doing like the job search or like as working descriptions for the PR JOBS. It was interesting because aren't director. Never be that far. Because it's still all in communications and so I would always see that job position that job role and I'm just like wow. That sounds so limit without any sound. Right up my alley. But I don't know how you know. How would I become art director? That doesn't make any sense like that's really cool on how people get into whatever. Once I found the circus I was looking balance. Basically I was just like oh. This is the two year program. Learn how to be an art director. I said that sounds what exactly what I WANNA do. And so I remember. I had like I found it. I thought about it like I prayed on it and I sent my parents really long text morning and I was just like hey. I found this school. I wasn't planning to go right back to school. Brat found the school in Atlanta and I been there and I think I think it's legit. I get this thing. I really want to do something I'm really interested in. What do you guys think? Basically and they just like I mean okay crazy girl so like that's fine. We're like okay so like I was like I was the one who is like really stressing I don't know. Hopefully it'll be okay with it. Xyz maybe you assign and so for that. I'm very thankful that I just now it's hard I think it's hard really for anyone to kind of Tell their parents stock especially after we just spent on this money in a four year university that Hey I'm gonNA propose school where Awesome Mind You. You don't get a degree in just certificate end. It's Kinda crazy it's like okay. So we're about more money back in the schooling. You technically don't get another degree in China. Explain them Look like still like. There's like a ninety nine percent like placement ninety five ninety nine percent placement rate after graduation. I think it'd be great. So yes. They helped drive that way ever since then and Even before I am still now so for that. I'm very grateful another fats on very much so a privilege that I don't take lightly so I wanna go back to the the creative circus but even before then you kind of glossed a little bit over the fact that you went to such a prestigious. Hbu FOR UNDERGRAD went university. Yeah those were some of the best years of my life. So far I bat where actually gain to be Ashley I think. I've grown up in predominantly white institutions places in schools. My mom was the one who actually really pushed for that. She was very adamant in. Hey I know that like obviously like we couldn't help like by school edition so much like what you were in high school and stuff. But she's like if you decide to go to h you just now that this is probably one of the only times your life you'll be super on many beautifully like educated Brown and black just like you and you just won't necessarily get that opportunity anywhere else and the more I thought about. It was interesting. I was a little nervous that was actually going into Hampton. I was worried that maybe I wasn't quote unquote. You know I didn't necessarily have a lot of black friends growing up and I you know technically was almost faces necessarily didn't know all the music and things like that. Of course I was still like with my family and stuff but you know it's still not the same if you don't have like a core group of friends and stuff in high school and things like that so it just whether fame and so I was a little worried about that but honestly turned out that there are a lot of Ashley at Hampton and it was fantastic and I think I wonder about La but that fear was projected. Fear that had. It was never anything that actually happened. They were so place for me as a place to someone who grew up in all black schools entire life. Actually that kind of flowing into Hampton was more way more than I thought it would be but yet Hampton was an incredible experience. I have lifelong friends. Bridesmaids probably made of honors. Like I just have some of my best friends. I'll have for the rest of my life and I just love author to I think the two I came into terms of also celebrated just who I am and also being black and like how much like how much power there isn't that. So Hampton taught me a lot of that. Well that's really exciting. An interesting to even Consented into some of the art to I notice growing up actually drew more white linen. More people who probably were of a black ethnicity and it was interesting. The kind of thing on my sketchbooks up change to buy just being introduced that also like again. It's important to know like what's important to child even just growing up as a teenager. You know what you see. And what's your perception something and how much that affect you but it was crazy how that was affecting on art and how. I never really drew. Girls necessarily look like me but now like he asked me today. That's all I do. It's very very very interesting to see how just that influence. But I think that it ha- hormone and I think that. I think that that was probably the best decision I could have made. And that's one of the best students I've made like flat out in line twenty six years. So you're making an interesting point there about HPC's I mean so. I went to me you also. I went to Morehouse and Hvac us. In general are I mean and maybe this is just a speaking as they're very warm comforting like opening spaces. Everyone I don't know if people that don't know the Hvac you experience or just aren't familiar with ABC's in general really see that but like it's unique sort of family thing. I think one just among students and alums AD particular school but also between. Hec You graduate. Students and alums of other schools like we see like a certain like kinship and other people that went to ABC News. I don't know that that kind of makes sense or not but but it's interesting 'cause you said your mom kind of really wanted to go there to soak up that culture. I'm curious to know like because Hampton has such a a well-known designed program. I mean we've had several people on the show who have graduated from Hampton. Went onto graduate school. Actually you mentioned the creative Circus Nikita. Pope she's a happy Grad. What was the program like therefore you like? Do you feel like it really prepared. You got out.

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