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Back to actually are eight seconds on the shot clock for denver nuggets are off of a timeout yokich is back in the game after fighting foul trouble the first quarter jamal murray looks in millsap also back on the four lobs and on the elbow to wilson chandler chandler's at the baseline got fouled no whistle jump shots no good rebound tapped the grabbed by the andrei jordan and the outlet pass over the lou williams williams goes to the left hand could also pass way download it to by his hair step back on app can't shoot goes back out over the austin rivers bounce pass the tobias back on the elbow puts it on the ground leads in on millsap sav runners though good good defense by paul and he runs the rebound down in the corner bill sap as it up the left wing for denver drives on harris lost the basketball loose ball picked up by wilson chandler hans it off to bury over the part for three g hers good wales fill in it's a night he seeks that ain't gonna bill 16 points great game for wilson i mean well barton and he's not come out of the game yet austin rivers has a good luck to the midcourt circle hands and op behind able to row tyrone flawless back over the rivers fake on three drives on murray leans in finger ole up his up it is built better job as far as weakside defense right there that the other ways to ball murray liza back behind him over to nicole yokich yokich does it in the corner of the wilson chandler bounce passed a millsaps the law block against austin rivers starts back at him down gets the paint lefthanded floaters all the way no good rebound down to wilson chandler put a backup and got fouled wilson was doing a great job tonight of offense rebound in a basketball that's his what four three bill yeah yeah he's done a good job office rebound basketball special with the clippers the clippers switching everything we always has a small cardona wilson chandler the.

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