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Like I feel like now I'm going into those rooms for the young queer kids in the rooms. SE bat Mira as well as everyone else needs to see the other Miras that. But, but in terms of my literature, I never have to make a choice. No one was say, you can't put a queer person than this. I have not after two pock indie foster. If you come awfully the deer want like so many of my narratives have Amen, are Lisbon's in them. I think that that burden of dislike, because there is like the dangerous thing. There was like the danger zone of like this is a dangerous adult, but then there's also the burden of like of that thing that I think you also talked about for a moment, which is like Noah's like appearance. Like privilege or like need to to provide this information about what queer folks are often also straight parents right? Like. So it's straight parents job to tell you what criticism and then really separate now, kids from like a queer dolt who might be able to actually offer like or honest or lived perspective like I know for me, that would have been so helpful because it was I was just like staring into a void of like, well, I guess nothing is my few because I've never met anybody that was out tonight. And I know teachers if I look back, you know, that couldn't be honest about what was going on in their lives, and that would helped me so much. So like your, I'm so glad that I mean truly like thank you for being a personal that goes into the schools. That really means a lot to me as as a member of our family that you get to be out there and and providing lake some just some, just some, you know, some context, you're like, look, you might get a pool. All like that. It's it could include a pool. I'm to go videotape myself walking around the property for the next. Exactly right. That's so good. I also want to ask another question about sort of like your your your history writing. Was it always easy to sell or contextualized for like the publishing industry. Books with people of color. And then specifically black folks in like leading or or main character roles, was that something that was easy to do or was it hard sell? It was like, what does it continue to be like? I feel like it was. I think the hardest part for me was writing and I came out, I came. Into the world of publishing at a time where I feel like the Bodega those will open right. We had had milled your Taylor while to be Myers, Virginia Hamilton, excuse me, going back to James, Baldwin, Audrey Lord on the Giovanni like they have been this crew of writers seventies the eighties analysis on new Jack. And then that was me I for young adult writers beating William star Draper while to be mice kind of limb that the punch of less that publishers will end than those after routine. Some vision of talking about the importance of multiculturalism literature. People are talking about own voices who was when I write this and boom here I am Jacqueline Woodson with these black characters. So unlike a publisher's gold mine in this way, right? And it was again about that timing when I came through. I think if I had come through maybe in the mid eighties, it wouldn't have happened..

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