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Terrar- had a howler needed. There was there was very few. If any highlights to our silver linings appoint to I hear there were three, you know, sort of takeaways perhaps defining moments. You could call them for me from this game number one. So arsenal. Basically punch Liverpool in the mouth you guys. Got that early goal. It was a great way to start the game and Liverpool responded immediately by punching you right back in the face. I mean, you know, it was within two minutes, and then so your response to their goal to they're getting punching you in the face was to roll over and die. And it showed the difference in mentalities between the two teams. The number two for me. No second goal where he left the entire defense. Just like laying on the floor dead was. I mean, it was awesome to watch as an as a quote, unquote neutral. It was a great goal knows how to tough year people have been questioning it you said he stunk for for this fucking show to who. I said he had a slow start. We both people were questioning should they get a new nine. We both said, no, absolutely. Not this should keep from you know, he'll pick it up. He'll figure it out. And of course, he scored a hat trick. Right after you guys. So the third one the third defining moment for me was when saudi-omani one apparently late in the game wasn't like engaging. I guess it was like sixty fifth minute or something late when that game he won a penalty, and he handed the ball to for me. No, so saudi-omani, you know, he's a striker. He wants to score every goalie can. And he handed the ball of for me to take the penalty to get his hat trick. Which was just like an incredibly is a lot of people probably didn't even notice it, honestly..

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