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W T O P at 11, 28 traffic and weather on the Eights. We have Rita Casler in the W. T O P Traffic center. Updating the situation in Maryland South found 95 looks like that ramp to eastbound 32 has been reopened after the earlier records been shut down for quite some time. There's still some activity on the left shoulder of the ramp. The truck itself is back on its wheels, but you can now use the ramp from South bound 95 2 eastbound 32. It is the South bound Baltimore Washington. Parkway with the delay approaching and passing 30 to watch for anything that may have popped up there. You'll also find on the South Bound Parkway ramp to 50 in New York Avenue was a report of a crash. We also had a wreck in downtown Silver Spring Coolsville Road between Wayne Avenue in Georgia Avenue Watch for Redirection South bound to 70 heavy approaching and passing 109 with a single right lane getting by the work and north bound to 10 near Old Fort Road North and Livingston Square. The wreck involving a dump truck on top of the Jersey wall, taking the left side's To the far right to get by. In Virginia, North bound 3 95 delays. We're headed toward King Street Watch for work. Usually on the left side north about 95 slows into Quantico with the work in the left lane and the outer loop ramp to westbound 60 60 long term works on there has a single right lane. Getting by North Bound D. C to 95 is starting to see a delay build approaching Benning Road Watch for work. They're usually on the right side. A new season of free online music, dance and theater at Prince George's Community College Center for Performing Arts begins on February. 22nd visit PG Si si dot e d u slash arts I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And now the storm team force Lauren Rickets. Sunshine is we continue into the afternoon, with temperatures rising into the upper forties and lower fifties tomorrow.

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