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Be getting all that information out. But that is the plan that january fourteenth first thursday card our space city pick six will no longer have that jackpot payout option you have. Have you determined what you're going to do this is. That's great news frank. It have you determined what the denomination is gonna be. You're gonna do fifty dollar two dollars. We will go with a fifty cent minimum interesting. Have seventy five minor pool and a twenty five percent major pool so that that is the plan. you know. We're looking for two million. How how that is responded to by the by the betting public Interesting and you know in time with our pick five you know. We hope that we see some success in the new format of the pick six. That's great That's interesting too. Because as opposed to the twenty cent fifty cent is you know is is bigger than the twenty and so a seventy five percent Pay out and consoles Five of six twenty five percent of the pool and if there is a carry over what what percentage of the pool would carry over If nobody gets it would be seventy five percent. Okay okay so twenty. Five percent i got. It would go to the console The that day and seventy five into the next day this about i just minutes ago with andy serwer. We were just talking nyerere's tinkering as well and they're they're doing a daily force Out essentially in january and it does feel like the worm is turning away from the jackpot concept. So we'll we'll we'll promote this plenty Will play in. Fact nick tamra will be on with us regularly. Nick does the of course does the morning line for sam houston and I i gotta sense. We're going to be playing plenty. That's great yeah. I know nick. I nick excited about the upcoming season as well. And i know you guys do a great job talking From sam houston for us. I certainly appreciate that as well. Well a and looking at the fields and you know the first couple of cards that are up and available and friday night opening night. Saturday forcing out That that pot and then starting fresh next thursday terrific Frank safe Meat for everybody and the best the lock anything. You need communicated. Don't don't hesitate the lettuce. No i certainly appreciate it sir. You have a happy wonder- wonderful new year as well and stay safe as well. Frank khaw everybody who is racing director of course that s. hrp chris griffin. I'm sure we'll get to hear from chris quite a bit during the the meat as well and they start Friday and the thoroughbreds run until the first saturday in april. And of course that'll be wood memorial day and santa anita derby day and bluegrass day and hopefully They can they can get some people through the turnstiles at some point as well. But in the meantime.

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