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It's mika's does and ken barclay on you better. You bet from becky ul golf. That's coming up voluntarily. Tyler morales is going to join the show to give northern. Trust beds out for this week along with myself and ken barkley but i got to remind everybody. Our show sponsor is bed rivers. And if you're going to bet on the nfl preseason this week and you know you're going to we're going to so you should as well when you plays fifty dollars or more on four nfl. Preseason beds at bet river. She probably going to do that. So why not do it if adverse because when you do you get a free fifty dollar. Nfl bent so. It's a no brainer. If you were going to bet the nfl preseason why not do it at bet rivers and get something free as a result. And if you don't have an account even more incentive to bennett bet rivers because when you do sign up for an account you will get a one hundred percent deposit match up the two hundred fifty bucks. What does that mean you say. Hey bet rivers. Here's two hundred fifty bucks in my account. Bet river says oh thank you..

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