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Three FM Bruce, Saint Jeeves and Pamela Hughes. Do you? Remember the twenty first day of September. This is the song for today earth, wind and fire. I saw something. This is the fortieth anniversary of the song. September. There's another song we could play today to not going to play. Now. We're not. No, no. So. Good morning. Bruce. Happy birthday. My name is PJ. My birthday was September nineteenth. No. Your birthday was today. I don't tell happy birthday we can also play happy birthday, Bruce. Okay. So question for you, though that when it comes to games around the house. Do you? Let your kids win specifically, Pamela. You in Chris let Riley win at things like board games. Okay. Our houses little unique back in the day when we were playing like candy land and chutes and ladders wiza- we little girl. Yeah. You know, what you wanted to have fun. You wanted to be engaged and participate, and so yeah, you know, it's sometimes you kinda you know, fudge it a little bed, and and let her win now though in the money would just now it's been the last couple of years. She's a pretty smart cookie. And she's gotten better she's been practicing. Well, but I mean like my husband is totally in the board game. Like weird board game. Yeah. Like like Avalon, and all these other crazy games ticket to ride whatever it may be. She can Pete us straight up soldiers that good now. There's no mercy. No, no, no. You earn it? And she'd probably been earning it for the last couple of there's something to be said for that, especially in I'll grant you age appropriate. And gosh knows I don't know what age appropriate. It'd be like, you know, you're playing basketball. You don't need to be Dunkin on. Yeah. You know, I do video. Maybe think of it. I showed you video the other day of, you know, those like daycare centers for like little kids. And what would you say they were the kids the kids four five years or five year? Yeah. They had like one of these indoor, you know with a with a with a padded floor like the romper room typing, and they had a basketball hoop. Yes, they did. And the guy who was watching the kids daycare worker was dunking on these kids left. They'd go to take a shot. He was. It was hilarious. There was over dribbles two handed dunks. He all these little kids in a five year old who's going to shoot. And he just came over knocks it across the room. Not that's the way you get exactly. Not in my house. You gotta teach those kids you think life is not about winning. You're going to have to earn. It. You should earn every one of them. Yeah. I don't know about every one of the five. Our radio is pretty phenomenal again. But yeah, I think it is age appropriate. Now, you don't let your kids win. They've got to learn to lose. They've got to learn to lose with grace. And I think that a lot of adults still need to learn how to lose with grace because they're sore losers. Maybe they didn't learn how to do it properly when they were a kid. You're not always going to win somebody has to lose. So I'm all for teaching them that. Yeah. You know, what you are not the best at everything. And this is this is a teachable moment for for parents or godparents or uncles when you're you're dealing with kids that there is a reality to it. You will win it some things and you'll win because you were good. You tried hard. And you'll lose it other things even if you did try hard. Yeah. You're not going to be the best that everything. And that's okay. And then you're going to survive, and so am I out of line because I just never let the kids win. Well, I mean again, I think it's age appropriate age appropriate now. Now, I'm at the point where now you earn it kid like, even even. Hey, I'm going to race you to the mailbox. All right. Let's go. I'm going to beat you. Oh, no. You're not, and you gotta hustle hustle. 'cause you're. Hi steffan. She she's getting a little faster. There's going to be a day where she beats me. But I am not looking at that date. We asked you on the open mic line six zero two two hundred two seven three three. Should you? Let your kids beat you at all..

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