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Cigar in his live band right. Oh yeah we we also hear me why her like these are literally because it's like thousands of people there move you look at all males up so bad the weekend. We can almost eight thirty that we over. Yeah okay hold on her nail salon. I would never we definitely gonna promote this as be ready to do. I will do that. Rocket love egbo question. Now somebody would you wanna want to or how deeply with undercut. I love them cavs. It's time to my main about that the other day. We were watching Eds thunder cash. Like he's so he don't make no sense like nigga. What are you thinking about buying the snow talented. I love to. I'd not played yet. But i would love to like he. He has inspired so many people in the fact that he has rap. Artists aren't byard is like people who are actually owned radio radio artists who are begging to play with within and did on. Here's album and he's doing all this out. Stop says so much about how his music affects people. He's not. He's not on the radio and i think it's just because people won't understand but the fact that he's making music that is this incredible and you have radio artists trying to get with him like i've gotta fill up collide with under care. How about those. Okay i like those castle music louis questions now back. Can you guys hear me. Happy happy to be part question. I tried to play the The acoustic guitar years ago. So i mean. Do you have a favorite that you prefer. Do you prefer acoustic. I don't really have a favorite. I guess whatever. The song calls for sounds better. Gotcha i'm sick. Take my head. Yup the other instruments. yes. I started Started a little bit of base. I play based on that track that just released so many base days about how much different. How much different is it than the than rent. And my eight years or so little like you should thumping. Are i really wanna play drums. But you know you got this league doing net. Not doing this. This hand i at play banjo once gotta ukulele. Yes i actually taught ukulele. It's so funny. When i wasn't literally thirteen as of yesterday she plays. She plays Herself been playing since Maybe about ten years. Good i teach the lately at the school like literally anything for money. Never like do all right yugoslavia's well right your governor out Do not play bass into don le. Larry not play banjo as well. Just sits for folkman like she has that she good so plan on on it on a serious note but also keep like you know as you refer to the panama panama era. You said right. So i never heard that one so so briefly. Walk us through. How you're kind of life got turned upside down. What were you in the midst of when it hit. And what has the you know. Kind of your schedule been like now. Golf will work. And what are you looking forward to. Maybe as the potential. I open you know to public performance or shelves so kind of walk us through the beginning of an and then what that looks like kind of reopening man It started amazing. It was i have. I started the year off with liz. Oh okay so wayward the show she. She's odd twenty twenty well then throughout the show. Would you have to finish. Oh well it's up to or not. yeah so what. What happened was a dead. Liz oh nanos fantasia and then again for houston rodeo. But literally the night since february right february houston rodeo. I come to houston for that. That's why i ask you del cancel. I didn't come that year. I came in two thousand seventeen eighteen. Nineteen twenty at like literally the day before i got cancelled and we were in one or so that we got they now. We had a party or whatever. Okay so is cool. Or whatever they had a whole bunch of shows lined up that we were supposed to do in my year was booked and it always shit in thankfully you know because i had that the going into tori my was scared like because when we did coachella there too which are players when they did not are they wanted to bring daisy beyonce's ban. They can't bring both the buses daisy already. Got at the top layer. It can't be three. i'm heading in my mind is going to be. Oh girl in as i know what. I'm cool with that. They got you coachella. Set night a door. Some i never got up be able to do. I thought it was gonna be in there. So i was saving light literally like three four my chat trying to live off the for the game. Yeah i didn't think there will ever be doing this for a living. I thought i was gonna go back to work so thankfully i had money from towards data. And that's it'd be five and gender. Been hooking me up like may been. They were throwing shows my way like my way saying john will mean a couple of times to do a show for the bbc as in then do alert so with like little things in there than i was teaching here there. Little it little things here. You.

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