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And white. There are a variety of easy and think about. I actually just had a person choir. Because they're looking for some help on expanding their corporate team. It's interesting because you have some like a lot of the consolidation strategies. Were there could be single person. That essentially is the crypto fortune. And then they're using internal resources the managed the of acquisitions but then you start seeing larger groups depending on the strategies. The size of those deals tau would you breakdown responsibilities because there's the financial piece where obviously a lot of modeling and things of that sort going on. Then there's this coordination piece between those different operational functions that you mentioned and then there's this sort of sourcing piece of a component hunting around and then there's that strategy part of it that covered it all or is there other things that i'm sure we can add a phaser tale. He wanted so from deal. Sourcing all the way to managing synergies at the back and you can put any middle points that you want between that whole full cycle journey all of those reside within corporate development but i would also say this. It really depends organizationally. There are many organizations. That are operationally focused. They may not have a skill set that requires financial analysis as a requirement. Also organizations have different strategies on how they prospect many organizations utilize investment banks. Their souls worse. And that's not a bad thing. It's not a good thing. It's just how they've chosen to execute on deal prospecting. That gives you an avenue of deal to really. You've taken a deal prospecting. And all that off the table and all you're doing is essentially due diligence to meet your specific requirements and integration. Eventually it all depends if you're a larger building a portfolio and consolidating platform. What you need is maybe for five analysts and you need so uncoordinated amongst all right. Maybe you are a corporate strategic. And you're looking to make maybe one or two acquisitions and you wanna do that in a very meaningful thoughtful way and you might have one or two people that are working on that activity that are very much aligned to the corporate strategy and the cfo group in at that executive level right at the table with everybody else. It varies quite a bit organization organization. It's yeah it totally does. And it really is one of those things driven from the top down unless you have the engagement of the very top executives in executing an inorganic wrote strategy. It becomes an untenable situation z. Really got to have that engagement but level accountability and then execute always find it interesting when you look executive level and there you on building a corporate development function. I feel like that varies quite a bit as well. I don't see there's any sort of formal route or standardization or playbook on out to build your corporate function. i've seen organizations gravitate towards former investment bankers. That's a route that an organization can take you also have the route of for management consultants. I've seen a lot of different strategies than i think any and all of them can work. It really needs to be an individual that is engaged and in the line of sight of the executive leadership and is executing so that it ties back into strategy of the horgan ization corporate events all having expensive responsibilities. And there's no authority to enforce any of it. How do you create accountability across the function. I think it goes back to the top down. That was one of my favorite sayings. Sure either responsible to do everything authority to do nothing because you can have this matrix reporting structure or anything like that. You're basically influencing speaking to large corporate initiatives where you need individuals who have other full-time jobs to participate and help you execute. You really have to have the perspective there. I'm hearing naval all the functions to execute on growth strategies. To how can i help you see almost have to become a servant to those funk sheltie members and say really i'm here to execute on that and our price growth strategy not just one functions that how can i naval you to be more effective in. How do i help you grow. What are the pathways. One can take to obtain a corporate avila role. Investment banking is always a good one management consulting. Can be a good one. If you've had some sort of advising experience as it relates to acquisitions. I always feel like some of the best experiences are when you're in a small mid sized organization you're tasked with. Hey can you go buy something that fits our strategy. That's the assignment you want. That's what you want to do because that's going to allow you to understand from the innards out as to why a deal is done how is it. How do you execute thanking a management consulting. Pretty obvious i come across a good amount of people that come from a business unit somewhere and maybe they got involved in some part of a deal got exposed to it and found it intriguing. They wanna move or get further along into working with that as their main roll out. Does that unfold. The cliche thing. Is you get a banker. They've got a lot of financial modeling skills. But then the day when you look at your life cycle all the value creation opportunities which you do and execute post close or just a whole different thinking doing skill set. That's actually not even close remotely created in investment banking firm. I like to use. Collaboration is highly required to be able to do that. So there's that where it looks. Good on say but there's obviously we talked about the people skills. Were that person coming from the business unit. They know the company they understand where the pieces lie. They understand what different functions are. Who's running where would reach out to. I'm just curious your thoughts because as corp de function evolves and. You're looking at different people in obvious. One you defaulted to is banking amazement consulting. Some of these golden resources are right there. Blerta's now you're absolutely right. Does golden resources come from operations. I would go for operations. People that have done a rotation around your finance function that have had some sort of a rotational functionality or a role on a strategy team so it really needs to be that experience. Having functional experience is also critical so you almost have to become this strategy generalist and it could be any size organization. But how you do that. Is you take on assignments that may not be part and parcel of the current role that you may be playing. So if you're an hr and you're working on a project and you take on something. That's a little bit more additive. You gotta put more time and effort and work into it. That's the kind of stuff gets you the visibility that you need and it gets you injured sobbing interesting problems and really. That's what you wanna be thinking about. How do you participate in activities. How do you become the person that is involved in problem solving. And in seeking projects that allow you to be more creative that allow you to show other aspects of your skill sets that you may not have had the ability to show in what you're doing a lot of people work in process skill sets so it's a functional activity. You're working in process day in day out. You know what's going to happen the next day. Corporate development is very much project focus. So you have an initial beginning and then you have an end and there are peaks in there are lows in other peaks and lows and you have to have a personality that can manage. That is as shape or form. i find. it's really. I think a lot of people find it's really but the most important thing is to have that variety of experience that you can.

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