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All right, neck, Spokane Washington, XM satellite. How are you? Hey, good evening, Mark next to talk to you again. Thank you. He look I spent almost twenty nine years in both. I'm gonna Marine Corps in Russia time any army. I will say first and foremost women provide no force multiplier by being an infantry or Rangers special forces et cetera. What does that mean? It means. It means do not add to the combat effectiveness of those types of units effectively. Now, you are sergeant major. So you you you were in a sort of a command structure, correct? He kind of does it. Special talk right into the mouthpiece. Because I'm losing you. The army does it kind of oddball where once you get so highly specialized move up into the leadership e eighty nine Rome, you're taking away from your specialty where you were the biggest asset. And I I appreciate the army decided I was worthy of of being a sergeant major. But that said I was in a very male dominated chills. I was aviation and believe me I took. I took my beatings, the only, female and female aircraft mechanic. I worked on helicopters was the first female in that particular state aviation unit. I was also the first female see twenty three flight engineer in the country. And I worked my way up into actually managing the fight standards program for the enlisted side of the house. But all that said I've watched over the past thirty years. The men in this country. Just absolutely being emasculated to the point where they sit around sipping hot cocoa in their footy pajamas. And and I don't I understand that the military. Secondly, since the fifties, you know, the Korean war when when the military, I integrated blacks into the military, so he had blacks and whites serving in the same unit. They weren't segregated like they were in World War Two. That was a positive social experiment. Now, we're working toward the negative side of the spectrum as far as the military being used social experiment, and that they think that women are qualified. Yes, you may be a strong woman might my daughter of of anybody. I know in that age group, she'll be twenty eight next month. I would say she could hack it. But I wouldn't want her to do that. What about a draft for crying out loud? Well, I I mean, I could see if if they restructured the selective service programs to where when high school seniors, male and female get to that age where they've got to register for the selective service and on a funny side note, my daughter got one when she was in high school, they had her miss gendered. We got that fixed. But I if it was terrible. Yes. Yes. We didn't get her fixed. We got that. No. I understood. But I could see if they actually did take teams going to high school with people that need to register register for the selective service, both male and female give them an onsite evaluation. Okay. Are you physically capable of carrying time motorist seventy pound load and designate just an area that they could serve. And I guarantee you nine percent of the females would not be able to. But that's not what turns me the bureaucracy at the Pentagon and other places even pressure from congress would change the standards. So that they would. And like, I say, I have no problem with these backup positions and so forth. I'm talking about the heavy lifting in combat. Type situation. And I and I suspect the vast majority of husbands fathers agree with me. And the vast majority of mothers agree with me. And I wanna thank you for your service lend that don't get mad at me. I got to roll here. Thank you. Thank you. It's an interesting topic. I don't think a federal judge should be calling all the shots. That's for sure. Pete Fort Bragg, North Carolina. How are you, sir? Remarks. Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate everything you do. And you know, I don't agree a hundred percent with you or anybody else. That's just the nature of yuma's. But I do agree with ninety nine point whatever percent of things, and I gotta support you on this. I commend the young stars. You may young lady just gone for twenty nine years. I only did twenty and then the young lady before her. I kinda understand what she's coming from. And I'm with you nothing against women serving support decisions, you know, even though she's a helicopter aviation mechanic. That's great. I don't think she should be doing that at combat zone and the young lady that was a marine. So you know, the marines are souls year their soldiers I carry a weapon. Well, same thing of the army, your doctor or lawyer, whatever you are the officers carry a nine millimeter or forty five Cal the enlisted. And and many of the most of the shows carry a M, fourteen sixteen whatever it is nowadays. I don't know. And I don't know what percent of the women are. But just sergeants major and the first arches. Jason unites most century forty five or nine mill. And like I said I've been retired fifteen years. So I don't know what percent of the of the military is female now. However, I've had this debate with my twenty two year old daughter and her friends. Rachel is against my face. And I'm not going to go into that right now. But I don't know anywhere where the bible says the woman is supposed to protect a man a man is supposed to protect the woman. I cannot see my daughter going. She expressed an interest at one time. I said Rachel she has five older brothers and a younger sister. Eight hundred thirty year old now is gonna make real soon. Very proud of you now one of his older brothers tried to go in the army, and he's got his bachelor's degree and say in public right now, I'm a serious radio. But he didn't he didn't make it because. He's on his mathematics, or whatever you call that part of the part that battery of adjust. But anyway, I've got nothing against women's services support. But my question to all the ladies out there, if you're that patriot that much of a patriot you wanna serve military, guess what? There are thousands of jobs out there in the military, where do you think all these male soldiers and sailors, airmen, every get their training from they have to have an instructor and a trainer, I would commend a woman. And and they do that now as doctors, and lawyers, you know, all the different aviation mechanics. Your your point is just gonna have to go your point is there are many many positions. In the military that do not require women to be on the front lines and excuse me. And I absolutely agree with you. And I also believe that women should not be part of the draft period. Let alone a judge ordering it. Thank you for your service Pete in for that of your family to let's grab another one before it's too late here. Let us go to Doug, Los Angeles, California, eight seventy the answer the great K R L, go choose me. Hey, mark. Thanks privilege. You got a while ago. You're talking about getting to foundation where a lot of these folks get their liberal views, and I'll beanie college, and I was talking to my son and my daughter who just finished their undergrad. And I said, you know, I'm an attorney myself. I said I'm going to go to the source and do what I can do. I'm going to apply for a master's program. Go back to school get in philosophy or something like that psychology. Whatever they'll take the end, and then take three or four classes, and then not to create a disturbance get thrown out of the class. But to present a well presented argument. Well, thought out counter perspective TV's professors well have to care about my great. If they want to give me a Sierra de or something I deserve a that's fine. But yet. In the classroom and show these kids, there's a counter argument, and let them see someone take the professor on one on one and challenge their physician, you know, what hold on a second. You've come up with a genius idea. We can have people like you and me who just sign up for a couple of courses. Even if we claim to be signing up for more. We can drop out. We don't need it. And we can go into these courses. The point you raise not to sabotage the class, but to provide a counter viewpoint. Exactly. And if we did this by a large number of us, this might be very very interesting. Go right ahead. Yeah. I was gonna say we're legally on campus. I can't those off where students we behave. We don't go in there like militants, and how many of us already have a bachelor's degree. We can go back to a master's program or a doctor program or go to a JC take courses get on their legally be respectful, but right at the point of indoctrinating, throwing the alternative point of view. Just the the only issue would be if people can afford to do this. In other words, take the time off from the professional from other kinds of work and so forth. Well, you know for some of us like myself, I I run my own office. I got hours that can be flexible, but a lot of times these masters programs or the JC jaycees, especially they're inexpensive. They have a lot of night courses. The universities have a letter night courses for the masters and doctor programs, and then we're right there right there on campus. All right. I got it buddy. I gotta move. Don't get mad at me. Thank you for your call. Breaking news. Breaking news. Breaking news. Isn't that the way the cable shows too, Mr. producer? Univision anchor Llamas and his team are detained in Venezuela network say Univision anchor Ramos and members of his team have been detained calicoes Venezuela after disputed presidential president rather Nicolas Madura, quote, didn't like the questions, unquote. They were asking during an interview then network tweeted Monday night. Ammos and other crew. Members from yellow veteran where arbitrarily detained at the Miraflores palace. Officials wrote online. Was not immediately clear how many others were. So he's interviewing this guy. Apparently as best as I can tell. Madora amadora's alike. He's lock them up. You State Department confirmed on Twitter that Ramos and his team are being held against their will at the palace by Madora and urged him to immediately release them. Marco Rubio seems to be tweeting a lot apparently was able to cause office was in the middle of explaining that Madora detained when the phone was taken from him and the call ended. Oh boy. Interesting. You see the American press out there. You don't know what freedom of the press? You've got all the freedom in the world. Nobody bothers you. Nobody. See what goes on in Venezuela? In other utopias. Not so much free press. I'll be right back..

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