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President Trump, Booker, Donald Trump discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


President did trampling upon the most sacred right of this nation to assemble to petition to protest pointing to his chest Booker said if Donald Trump wants the gas someone next time start right here if you want to shoot somebody with our federal officials with rubber bullets start right here Linda Kenyon Washington the president has made good on a threat the GOP will not be holding its political convention its national convention in North Carolina president trump has tweeted that he is going to move the Republican National Convention which was supposed to be held in Charlotte North Carolina to somewhere else he says that the state cannot be occupied by the Republicans for the convention to the extent that he wants to be so they are going to move the convention he says it would have meant millions of dollars and jobs for the state of North Carolina area all the wins news time eleven thirty seven Wednesday's time eleven thirty eight now ten ten wins entertainment news or writer has lost his job on law and order because of a post about law and order did wolf is fired a writer on one of the shows who posted on social media that he was ready to quote light up looters Craig gore put up a picture of himself with an assault rifle and the light up comment gore was working on Wall Street lan order spin off series not anymore will says he will not tolerate this conduct a specially during our hour.

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