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Demonstrations will begin outside the court today, but both abortion rights supporters and opponents are expected to show up. Outside the Supreme Court, Luke Luger P news. The court's decision puts that issue of abortion rights back to the states, many of which have already taken steps to curtail or ban abortions, and that has Maryland preparing for an influx of women looking for abortion access outside their home states. Maryland state delegate Arianna Kelly said she saw a rollback on abortion rights coming, and that's why she championed the abortion access care act in the last legislative session. We are going to allow as of July 1st in Maryland, not just physicians, but also position assistance, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, who are appropriately trained to be able to provide abortion care in Maryland. The bill was vetoed by governor Larry Hogan, but overridden by lawmakers in his veto Hogan had expressed concern about allowing anyone but a licensed doctor to perform abortions. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. Virginia's Republican governor supports the high court's ruling and now he's planning to launch an effort to limit abortions in the Commonwealth. Virginia governor Glen youngkin says he wants a ban on most abortions in Virginia after 15 weeks of pregnancy. He believes a bipartisan consensus of people in the state would support a law that would make it illegal to have abortions after a fetus begins to feel pain in the womb, while most in Congress say that's 20 weeks youngkin says he'd prefer 15. The Republican governor says he realizes he'll have to work across the aisle to pass a new law. He's asked for lawmakers to draw up legislation to introduce when the General Assembly comes back in January. We're also hearing from D.C. leaders after the Supreme Court's ruling, following the decision Mir your Bowser took to Twitter to make clear abortion is still legal in the district, adding quote, a majority of Americans believe in a woman's right to choose. The fight is urgent, but not over. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton condemned the decision, saying it calls into question whether the Supreme Court will overturn other long-standing and recent precedents. In a statement, attorney general Karl Racine also stood behind abortion rights. His statement went on to say there's a great deal we can each do to help fight for access to abortion care, and we must remain vigilant, especially when there are so many counting on us. Melissa Howell WTO penis. A dramatic one man protest against yesterday's Supreme Court decision is still going on in the nation's capital. The man climbed the Frederick Douglass bridge prompting it to close in both directions. Police first responded there just after 10 a.m. yesterday. So far, he's refused to move, but he had written on Twitter that he plans to come down. This is the same man who used a chain and bike lock to attach himself to the unscalable fence outside of the Supreme Court earlier this month. Coming up after traffic and weather lost a bit amid the Supreme Court news, passage of a bipartisan gun violence Bill. We'll go deeper on that with Paul brandis, it's 8 O 7. I never dreamed this career was possible. I absolutely love what I do. My name is Steven, and I'm a proud graduate of the university of the District of Columbia. I received my master's

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