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Part documentary part reenactment no i hadn't even heard of it yeah it's on net flicks i think there are a lot of episode like i think it's a long thing but it is earl morris and i've enjoyed the three or four episodes i've watched so far so cool so the reenactment sir like big time actress to the other big time actors yeah i was thinking was like so they're six episodes of that too so i guess i'll have to watch that 'cause i love more so much let's episodes i don't know why thought it was longer okay good i was thinking it was kind of like the thin blue line reenactments were just like whoever could get but now he has real people yeah did did you watch his rumsfeld movie yeah i didn't i like i hate the guy so much i find it hard but i do love aero morris so i should probably give it a chance i'm i mean i like all his movies so much i didn't remember that like liking that one especially but yeah felt i'm sorry i was thinking of the the guy from vietnam what's the fog of war that one yet never never felt the rumsfeld one now okay yeah me either the did you see fog a war i think i did but you know what i honestly can't remember it was okay but so what was the i mean i'm just looking at his list of trying to figure out what the rumsfeld one was so weird he would decide to do that i guess it's it's not this when he did a when i didn't know he did he did one about abu garib.

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