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More than 100 million Americans now fully vaccinated 39% of adults and nearly 143 million Americans are partially vaccinated. That's 55% of US adults, but ABC. Serene Charles Los Angeles, says there's still a way to go. Opening further in some places could hinge on Maura Americans vaccinated the focus, turning to a younger population ages 18 to 64. This group for the first time has the largest number, hospitalized. Visor and beyond. Check seeking the use authorization for use and kids 12 to 15 years old. They previously requested FD authorization, which could come any day. And as the U. S makes progress in the fight against coronavirus. India, struggling with out of control spread new daily infection rates topping 401,000 in the past 24 hours, the country crippled by the latest wave with a shortage of hospital beds and supplies, including oxygen, the US among an international effort to send critical aid. But health experts are also urging India's government to expand lockdowns and race to vaccinate. Consider this In some respects like a warm White House chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci, speaking to the Indian Express, According to Johns Hopkins. Covert tracking less than 2% of India's population is fully vaccinated. Yet India is one of the top producers of covert vaccines. Michelle Franzen, ABC knew Francis, asking that the month of may be dedicated to praying incessantly for an end to the pandemic. In downtown Indianapolis today at Lucas Oil Stadium, a memorial for the eight people killed in the April shooting at physics at a FedEx facility in that city. Ah, video message from Indiana's Republican Senator Mike Brown, heard at the service of victims of this tragedy.

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