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That I was young or ten or eleven. She was all me twenty years ago. That film came. Yep So what was just scary. I was I'd say you're probably had some trouble on your younger now film. Apparently they're making a coming out again. Whether it'd d three I think three but now they're going to be going again. That apparently bring yet another another one of it was name was Coney Coney Magma Marut is it the one in the goals. Yeah County on I. Connie Connie the tiffany was a name. Coney the cat. Kathy Kathy is Marguerite Moreau. Yeah Too good now she. All Year snaps and claps snaps and claps. I'm just looking at up. Now how did you remember the knows the NOCCO pack off the knuckle pack of the Bash Browns with the first one was Invest Resin. Second one the first one was Fulton raid and the puck that the slapshot that was literally burning the goalies hands. Remember that one all the flying the flying the flying and then second. I tried the flowing. V against the LEGGINGS OSTLUND and I blew up the flying V log. Do that astrum on. I think my favorite one that I even was Moi was Mormon. He was the backup Dolly with glasses. It almost I took it a little bit too when they brought the cowboy in a few other guide law and it was almost mortal Kombat mortal Kombat too and they brought in a couple of the characters like Jacks and Straw good. Anyway we've gone off with us on a high great weightlessness. How's it well may signal. Oh Yes yes yes yes so before we finish up last week Jamie Jay Don Wallace start a new. A new segment called MENDOTA. Joan do it. I'll do it do it. Actually and it was. Because if you can't remember if you haven't listened to episode seventy stop sign that Shannon hurn was the captain the West Coast Eagles and the Stock Market Pun bit but pulled him trying to make the stud over in England pointed out that now. It's not anymore shoe we. It's not Shannon Hoon in say. Actually you got that wrong. Well during the wait till I was flicking through my phone and Johnny Wallace Iran. About lights may sorry early my last year thinking about the second or the first of my last yee made a comment along the lines of this. Johnny Wallace has promised to play a game of football with Chris. Pippa in two thousand twenty. I'm actually I still gotta do it. Yeah I'll definitely do it but maybe We may have to hold up into an X. G over number number of reasons. Maybe I knew this. I've fully knowing pips. Hadn't maybe knew that statement fully knowing what China would doing your a look at it. Wait are you kidding? Me GotTa be kidding me. Absolutely no chance of that happening so we won't have to belong in twenty twenty twenty twenty one forty five. We have thirds year third but all of that looks like it's not gonna not be going ahead because of all the of our and listen to how they're going to play games at Ramsey so we're going to have to put the twenty twenty one so I put that in the volt for actually in twenty twenty one that the dog and myself will play a game of football together at a local league. So if you look down at your local league and hostess for a Game. We won't have been do the podcast in the afternoon. If we're GONNA have it we'll do the podcast at your gang after the game. If you let us fly at your club in the thirds copy any hall other than that. We just two quick thing. Okay sorry a quick quick quick Fought on an ion. I'm six foot two. I'm about eighty kilos on four foot and very very little football experience on Four foot coming at kilos and wrecked up three hundred seventy seven games. The football club probably another twenty five auto. Whatever at another club at Saint Bernard so plus the four hundred times of experience. So if you ask to at your club to play foods or seconds or fourths also got thirty seconds and no fitness fitness. So we need an. We'll take we'll do it. We'll do it. We'll do it with us. Hit Us up if if you build it chair. Am Forest we will come record at your clubrooms nights lice out live but I thought we have. We have one restrict we have one condition pips. Y- The needs to be a box in the shed after the game flab. Yeah all done. That's how pilot a slab slab of anything just not to his new raid. We Don. We'll do it we'll do. It doesn't hurt locker. Needless out playing football next at your club make us an offer. We can't resist. Okay here's enough of that. You can't resist getting on with you toll because this podcast is finished for today Jamie Wallace. Thank you very much coin Sir. Also monologue at the start. I have to ask the question once again. Every WAY WE FINISH IT OFF. Thank you listeners. Jamie will head. You love your football. Not Delete is have a great weightlessness days and more importantly Jape. Saif wash your hanes goodbye for now. They're at least two if you haven't done so ready a subscribe right and Labor Review on trees on your host Bruce PIPPA and we've you all this week. You've footy ISAF..

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