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Think red 7 15 Here's Dave Johnson. It is a step that is being talked about the Wizards loss of Raptors last I won 37 1 15 and that staff. The Wizards are now too with 13 would Russell Westbrook plays But that's not a stat head coach Scott Brooks believes is worth talking about. We're not two different teams. We're one team and Russell doesn't play on back to backs. I don't I don't buy in, and I don't don't divide the team and some nights we don't have Russell. We haven't played well. We haven't had been some consistent rhythm. It's gonna get better and has to get better on defense Wizards gave up 19 3 pointers last night Men's basketball of different story for George Mason, and there's 77 45, whatever, Fordham head coach Dave balls and you know it starts on the defensive, and, you know, it's what we've been emphasizing. You know, we haven't always had that again. This the first time we've been home and almost a month hatred schedules interrupted by covert 19 concerns. Night, Right. Virginia 57 49 win over Georgia Tech undrafted out of Old Dominion and 2015 quarterback Taylor. Hi, Nikki has bounced around the NFL even tried the XFL. But now that two year contract with the Western football team, it was hard for a good while. But those that were very close to me kept pushing me and you know, every day. There's a lot of times where I didn't wanna wake up and go work out and do stuff like that. But, you know, they kept on pushing me to call a team effort. Dave Johnson over you till be sports. We've got a complicated winter weather forecast for you with snow today. Tomorrow, the weekend it's coming up next. It's 7 17 Draftkings Sports book, An official sports betting partner of UFC is putting you in the center of this weekend's title fight. Pick either Main event Fighter Land A punch during UFC, 2 58 and Draftkings Sports book will give you 100 to 1. Odds just bet $1 on either fighter to land a punch. And if that happens, you'll cash $100. There's no better way to.

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