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Gary Stevens from Westwood One. The first ever Stewart's disqualification at the run for the roses in Louisville on the basketball with the rockets made the most that playing on their home floor five to shoot four to shoot heart straightaway. Three. Stay up six forty nine seconds going over Greg Ackerman. The call on Rockettes radio Houston shops, Golden State series lead to two games to one one twenty six one Twenty-one overtime victory on the Bruins get a late goal from David pasternack. They skated passed the blue jackets three Boston goes up three games to two in their best of seven and the sharks held off the avalanche. Two to one San Jose. Also one victory away from advancing to the conference final from baseball. Ryan brawl the walk off single in the bottom of the eighteenth inning brewers of four three marathon win over the Mets. Dodgers the Padre seventy six despite pair of Manny Machado homes for San Diego Red Sox all over the White Sox fifteen to to nationals turn this one around with four eighth and runs they came from behind beat the Phillies ten to eight Rangers. Over the Blue Jays eight to five a couple of nine two. Two games. The Diamondbacks beat the Rockies and the red stripped off the giants Astros all over the angels, fourteen to to the Braves got a grand slam from Ozzy all these in their nine two victory over Miami. The Indians top the Mariners five four. It was the twin seventy three cubs with hobby by homering to make the difference got past the cardinal six to five also in the win column. The royals pirates and the Orioles, and I'm Mike McCann this is and I'm the most we look back at the Kentucky Derby time. That's.

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