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It's now been five full days since the eighth yo paeans received the data from the black boxes from the second max crash, but still no indication of the cause in two thousand ten Ethiopians tried to manipulate the mishap data from seven thirty seven crash. There's a real fear here that they're going to try and do that again with this mishap we've learned that Boeing is invited airlines to Seattle area plant this weekend to talk about this software update and training, and that at least American airline pilots will be in the simulator to test. This software update David David curly with us all week long as well. Thank you, David. There is news tonight about your money, your 4._0._1._K, a deep dive on Wall Street today. The Dow Jones plunging four hundred sixty points closing at twenty five thousand five hundred two that's the worst day of trading since January. So let's go live tonight to ABC's aerial rush. Up on Wall Street because there was a key indicator aerial that costs them alarm today. That's right. David stocks plunged today amid new signs of slowing global economy and amid new worry of looming recession here at home. And here's that key indicator. David right here. The so called yield curve flipping to negative for the first time since two thousand seven right before the great recession. Sometimes when this happens. This can indicate another recession may be coming. But not always David this happened just days after the fed chairman announce that it was unlikely that we would see more rate hikes later this year, another sign of a slowing economy. David Russia live on Wall Street force tonight, Ariel. Thank you in. There is still much more ahead on world news tonight. This busy Friday night, the priest attacked during mass the frightening moment with C lie because it was being streamed. The rush to help the priest and how they stopped the suspect. Also tonight, shocking, arrest him Charlottesville. The city familiar with aid and outlet teenager is under arrest tonight for threats of ethnic cleansing schools were closed for days because of this. And we sure needed this on a Friday night America strong tonight, the golden retriever named Charlie and little maverick turns out, he's in is seeing dog for his bigger pale..

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