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White. Think red. All right, we've got George Wallace with the Nats and south beach. Did you not like the fact that I mentioned they were two games out of wild cards 5 on May A month in a safety positivity gosh. The way that this team was projected to be at this point. Yeah, that's true. Nationals at 18 and 23 coming off a win. They have won 9 of 15 Davy Martinez's squad. 17 and 17 after the one in 6 stars going out there and like I said, they're doing the simple things. Right? Every now and then we're going to have a hiccup, but are they going out there and playing the game the right way? We're running the bases really well. We have a plain good defense outfield infield caber and Riley Adams. They're learning how to call games. The things they're heading in the right direction for sure. Just I agree we'll start tonight 6 40 as the Annette in Miami for three, then back home Orioles angels tonight as well. Doc Rivers out in Philadelphia, sixers firing the head coach after a third straight season losing in the Eastern Conference. Semi finals, despite 54 wins this year, the franchise's most since 2000, he went a 154 and 82 during his three years in Philly names being floated out there as possible replacements, Mike budenholzer, Sam cassell Mike D'antoni, Nick nurse Frank Vogel, Monty Williams, who was just fired by the Phoenix Suns. The nuggets hosting the Lakers tonight game one, Western Conference final wizards have a 6.7% chance of winning tonight's NBA draft lottery toward Wallace WTO sports. All right, George, coming up after traffic and weather today's debt ceiling talks if you are to be more positive and more productive unlike last

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