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Navigating stress can be challenging at the best times and now in the midst of a global pandemic with concerns for our health and finances were all facing a new set of worries stresses ingrained in our world and day to day lives, , and while this might sound overwhelming if we learned to understand it, , we can then hopefully break the stress cycle. . So. . This meets food for thought sees Pharmacist Tunnel for Dr David Hamilton and I explore what stress ready is how we can control it and intern combated Hello David Hi there how are you today of? ? Thank you for asking I am very very well thank you how about yourself a really good. . been working on morning on the bookwork in. . Mathematics in Part Team University degree in Maths and physics. . So I I was working or not this morning as well. . So it's been. . A multi tasking morning. . Feeling that sounds incredibly strenuous. . So just destroying your mind further today. . I'm talking about strengthened kindness and self esteem missiles, , things today, , and let's start by a stat that I wanted to bring up. . So research has shown that if adults in the UK. . That work seems to be riches convenience through what you just said the biggest stress factor. . Now, , do you think this could be where businesses are perhaps maybe going wrong in terms of health of their employees and how they looking after them Yeah I think different companies have different different ways of looking at us, , I think some companies. . Don't really either notice or it's not so much of a big deal. . The stresses experienced by employees it is other companies the new of a s really much. . Something that they really have ongoing programs like stress management, , Magma volt in a couple of companies. . Where we've actually look to closing the culture of kindness really as an antidote to stress I think, , varies from one company to the next and I think it's just the. . You. . Know. . How How. . Much I. . I guess the the company not really notices a what's happening with employees in Ho what the Anita? ? Exactly exactly and I know you do a lot of work as well in the area of even being kind to one enough <hes> and the fact that. . I the way we speak to one another as well as noticing the effects of stress because there's different types of stress isn't that that can affect us and how we talk to each flea could be a factor the definitely I mean but we have you know what you call acute stress the stuff that just happens. . Because of something, , maybe even something not necessarily this happened but your your perception, , your perspective on on something here the way you look at something for example, , <hes>, and , then you get a law of was what you might call episode stress. . You may get a lot of a stressor, , a succession of them and I think if these we hand and then stress becomes almost a hobby is. . Something that you've experienced a law. . Then we call that chronic stress and so and that's when I think that's when you stop to associate when people talk about the impact of stress on our health. . I think in general we we're more more thinking of the impact of chronic stress can along term stuff that that really does occupy much of our psyche, , but really has stone physiological effect. .

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