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And a deep deep commitment that Salmon Net had to listening. To people, the world had never even ask questions up. And take them very seriously as customers. You've written about how privileged can deafness to those who feel less worthy or valuable. How can those of us that are more privileged in the world here? Better. Such a great question. It's follow the threat of curiosity and to. Push aside our cynicism because I think it's the cynicism also deadens us and so hard to be cynical these days too. So so hard not to be cynical. And then we get afraid and so then when we do interact particularly with people whose ideas are so different from our own and can be sometimes repulsive to our own or exhausted we'd rather just not here. And yet. We're in crisis we have to find ways to listen to each other. Many of the people who are companies serve come from very conservative communities. And we don't agree on everything, but we do agree on what they need. We can find ways to serve it and the more I show up and understand who they are the more. We can have really hard conversations. I think that in this moment of our history? Debbie. We need to do a better job teaching, our children, a new set of skills that we really value as and call hard skills not just soft skills listening deep listening is one of them and not listening has to start not just with our ears but with all parts of ourselves, including learning to listen to ourselves and learning how to navigate the different layers that exist in us so that we can see through what we are filtering, what we are hearing. Jacqueline I have one last question for you. When you turn forty four you received an email from a man who was your boyfriend when you were sixteen, he had senior photo in a magazine and reached out to tell you. That you were doing exactly. What at age sixteen you said You'd be doing. It's my question. Is this what advice would you give to others that might want to recommit to doing the things that they dreamed about when they were sixteen? Thank you for that question and I know where you come up with all of this information here. Incredible. I think that dreams live inside of us. And this is a moment of global pandemic black lives matter. It's a of breaking open. It is a moment of awakening. And therefore, it's a moment who's imperative is renewal. And that renewal starts with. Finding that child inside of ourselves. And remembering that in those dreams. Often lie the truce pruitt most want and can be and it's those individuals that air to live with the childlike jury acidy. that. Follow a thread without having any idea where it goes next but having faith that if you take a step. And do the work. The work will teach you where next to go. And so in this moment where No one has the answers we have to re imagine everything. There is a chance for all of us to be like children again to be young again. and to dare. To. Go toward a problem that we want to solve. Not Knowing. The answer but knowing that we won't stop until we find it. And there's no reason you won't do it better than somebody else because nobody else has done it. And Debbie I think I'll end there the under the best pieces of advice someone gave me. When nine eleven happened another time of crisis. and. I had a team of three and crazily made the decision that we were going to go to Pakistan and work and try to build organizations of civil. Society. So that people inside and outside the country would see what human were capable of doing. And then I got really cold I am a lunatic. What am I doing and I? Went to a mentor and told him I've never been to Pakistan I don't have a team. I. Don't really know what I'm doing and he said, let me give you some advice. He said. Probably the only ones crazy enough to go. So go. But don't go and run away, go and make a ten year commitment because I'll tell you this. If you do it and you show up at the end of those ten years, you are going to know more about that country than most people who are not from that country. Now it's nineteen years. By making that commitment though I had no idea what I was doing. And following through and showing up. I have not only fallen in love with the Community of people there. It is fundamentally changed to I. Am and how I see the world and taught me things I didn't ever even know I had to learn. And that's the promise. That is what that kind of risk taking. That doesn't have to start big it can start with. Your neighbor. And fixing something in your neighborhood and goodness knows we have lots to fix. But it is having the faith that. No one else is doing it. So, go and try to do it yourself. Over Brad. Thank you for truly transforming the world that work. And your goodness. Thank you for joining me today and design. Lv thank you for everything you are in the way you listen and care and pay attention. From me that's the ultimate. Active respect and. Thank you. Thank you. Jacqueline. Nova grads is to books are the.

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