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Tickets to see the hawks and the New Jersey Devils we've got him after four forty tomorrow afternoon on seven twenty WGN. Troy Murray here back in Edmonton Blackhawks down by one six minutes gone here period, number two. Reminder that Chicago Blackhawks hockey is sponsored by MB financial Bank. Getting it done for Chicago businesses. MB means business. Details line out there for the offensive zone. Face off to the right hand side left hand side. I should say Cam Talbot. Andrey Seidel Windsor to the corner. Russell put it up the boards. Picked off by case right point, tried to move down the boards. Taken back by dry Seidel clears to center ice puck ends up in the hawk zone is came back. There murphy's. Got it. Perfect carrying to the hawk line. Gave it a taste weaving through center ice over the oil online. Right. Went got by the defense. When Russell moves down the bottom of the right circle. Fires a backhander shoulder. Save made by Talbot. Puck along the right boards, again taste, good cajole, right circle. Cross check from behind down to the ice and no penalties. Call that was by nugent-hopkins. They let that go right into the hawk zone left wing side shot it across the rink. It's over the stick up nurse and gospel came along pick Agila over the line. He fires from the right circle off the shoulder of Talbot and up into the protective netting and out of play. While you look at Allston jumps up for the play. And he's got two options available to them. It's a three on one. He goes to cajole on the far side. Patrick Kane is right there on the on his lap. You gotta give that to Patrick Kane and let him set up the table. Could you it goes in there defenseman gave the shooter to the goaltender? Thank fought it off Talbot debt off shoulder over the net. But at the same time he etiquette that buck to Patrick Kane and let him dictate what's going to happen in the offensive zone. Mccain was full ten feet in front of the back checker. They're here. Right. Probably would have set up to Julia fern easy shot. Well, you know what? I mean, he he's got options. Patrick Kane like Connor mcdavid. Or all the great players really put you on your heels, and if something's available he'll make the best of it back in the hawk zone left wing corner. Ryan Nugent Hopkins battling against Duncan Keith carries around. Top of the left circle sets up the left point Larson, Texas shot from there that's wide Kassian behind the hawk net. Battling with our Semov. Lost the puck into the corner. Key, spins it around the left wing boards. This is over the stick of Kunitz and down one linesman had his arm in the air signifying icing in the nearside linesman said, no ice. They let them play Oilers clear there in broad Yakima hawk line left wing pumps it in on goal in a blocker. Save by war. And then Hayden will spend the puck. I had intended. For misses him. Buffon? Got the puck moves it over the right side Larson at center ice. Dumps it down the boards into the hawk zone here the lions men's screaming onside offside. It was laid aside. Cprc takes the puck for the hawks. Spins it, a Hayden lawyer line right wing. They'll send it down in behind the net off the end boards are able to clear their in your yard to center ice to the right wing corner. Hawk zone. Later cuckoo their knocks at free all nugent-hopkins caught a high stick or is this mcdavid. We're going to get here. David. Could be a fees right off to the banks to get some repairs. So this could be a four minute high sticking penalty. David catch today even chance the penalty. Kanerva gave it. Gets a medical repairs on the bench was maybe it was his own player. It was Brad Malone. Okay. Okay. Was right there as well. But good up by the officials that it was his old player there. Strom of crossing the oiler line on the right? Went tried to feed the puck over to debrincat picked off by the back checker dry Seidel passing up the right wing reader hawk line, dalstrom steps up and pop checks at there at the line. The hawks get the puck gusts us and moves or the oiler line right wing. Feather slot off the stick Strom Oilers. Get the puck back reader feted ahead on the left wing to dry saddle over the hawk blue line to chase on to the left wing boards. Moves it out to the line cleft.

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