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The largest penalty ever assessed against a company connected to the financial crisis Royal Bank of Scotland will pay. Four point nine billion dollars to settle allegations that it took customers on a ride by. Misrepresenting the types of mortgages it sold during the housing bubble of. Two thousand eight the Justice department accused Arby s of understating. The risk and. Quality of tens of billions of dollars worth in mortgages a California based broker who got his start in Massachusetts has charged with improper trading practices which. Affected several dozen Baystate customers costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars secretary of state Bill Galvin on, the. Charges against Peter Cunningham and his employer stock cross financial services seven hundred fifty thousand. Dollars in commissions to the disadvantage of of his clients the. Guy had of personal daddy it also took garnishment of. His own way just going on so he's solution I promise. To Galvin wants a cease and desist and to revoke Cunningham's license that's doing. Business Jeff Brown WBZ NewsRadio. Ten thirty I'm Dennis ama- patient at the, not these, men's, clinic, in the last two years. I. Noticed that my libido has, been very low something. Was missing and I had look into different things vitamin supplements not not these. Men's clinic has changed my life I was, a little nervous when I went in I didn't know what to expect I just. Felt like I was going to leave there was some hope that day I. Don't know what it was some type of magic I kind of felt like a brand new person I feel better. Look better my skin looks bad heavy dean looks better my energy levels the fifty one years old and I feel like I'm thirty one I tell guys on, the construction site all the time I tell the Mike's payments from the northeast man's clinic and how, has changed my life if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. Do what I did reach alad. The not these men's clinic helped me they can definitely help. You this is. Dale the director Of the northeast men's clinic call for your confidential appointment. Today six one seven, eight seven zero three three. Four three or northeast men's clinic dot com WBZ news time eight twenty eight and. Time is running out it's a final days of the double tax discount going on now at Bernie and Phil's coming. Up the. Death toll has grown now in the. Collapse of a highway bridge in Italy Josh with. The latest in the news at. Eight thirty following door systems at his translator for. The advertising compared IM larceny the. President and owner of the door systems garage door systems..

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