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Don't need you that's what my my cortec says but i have to do the heavy lifting you see because the nego i had this really strong message going up to the cortex because for evolution for biology like to keep us safe we needed that an easing but the pathways from the cortex back to the nato us and everything's okay it's really not that strong because we don't need that for survival so we have to do that consciously ourselves we have to say we don't need joe but what i see was my clients and i know this because i could see i see it and i thought myself to is that we send we get you know the niggly get set off because they're by it is set off with emotion because that's a lot faster they cognis and so if you like inside he comes out of the blue because it comes before even think about it but it doesn't time there's always a trigger does not come out of the blue so we're already set off for already buzzing before our cortex before consciousness gets involved in wants a consciousness gets involved then you look around and my safe or not right but what happens is people say i don't see any danger but i feel dangerous keep pumping those hormone something's not right and that's why people stay anxious it's so easy it's not a mental illness and so easy to happen to anybody who thinks you that helpful to ever hear about it like that no no that's a little things disorder for years and it's it's never been explained that way to me it makes sense i mean i understood that came from somewhere in an obviously you can have normal i guess i make in the air quotes levels of anxiety and then there's.

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