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Welcome. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Got a lot to get to today. We'll talk about Brexit, which has hit a massive snag in France has government parlay with protesters. But we begin today with time magazine, which now has given itself an award and predictably enough time when the media really loves them some media persons of the year are all journalists because there's nothing really attracts Americans to journalists as much as journalists patting themselves on the back. Journalists actually run out of enough hands to Pat themselves the so who exactly is being honored. They call them the guardians and the war on truth. Obviously, President Trump being the war on truth, and these people being the guardians of the truth. Because if there's one group of people you can trust to tell you the truth without partisan, rancor or fear. It's those journalists all those journalists who agree on everything. Those are the people who we should certainly trust with all of your fact-based needs. So there are a bunch of different folks were photographed for the cover of time. Magazine Jamal Khashoggi was made the person of the year on the cover of time magazine now Jamal Khashoggi. You'll recall was the Saudi citizen who was here on a visa, and then he wants Turkey and went to the Saudi consulate for a marriage documents and was promptly murdered by the members of the Saudi consulate and then chopped up and sent back to Saudi Arabia. This all went wrong. It was very bad for the Trump administration, which of course, has been very close with the Saudi Arabian government, particularly the new leader of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman. That's the reason the time magazine selected Jamal Khashoggi who in reality was in fact, pretty radical on politics had a longtime history of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood very much in favor of more radical Islam in the Middle East, not less radical Islamic militia, certainly no moderate. But since he was word for being journalist. He is the time magazine person of the year because people are trying to basically draw a parallel between President Trump's dislike for the media and violence against journalists so much so they're honoring the folks over at the capitol gazettes, which was a newspaper. You'll remember those attacked in Virginia. Now, it turns out the capital gazette was not in fact attacked by Trump supporter. It was not attacked by somebody who hated the media because President Trump was not fond of the media was attacked by somebody who had a personal vendetta with the paper. So why exactly are they on the cover of time magazine because time has to draw a false line suggesting that journalists all over the world are under assault specifically because of President Trump I do appreciate how there are. No journalists were actually from Turkey or interviewed for these time. Magazine articles Turkey, of course, is the country behind all of the revelations about Jamal Khashoggi Turkey has arrested literally hundreds of thousands of dissidents of the past several years as it moves from democracy into dictatorship. Time magazine has nothing to say about that Jamal Khashoggi. However is obviously worry number one doesn't mean we shouldn't worry about the Jamal Khashoggi haste. But again, this is the media trying to play itself up who else was was honored. While Maria Rosa was editor I believe in Russia who is indicted and while loan Cal SU who reporters who were convicted. So the idea is that there's a war on truth, but won't be in the folks over at the capital gazette with pokes who've been targeted by foreign dictatorships seems like a very bizarre thing for time to accept that all of these journalists wanna see themselves as firefighters were running to put out the fire of the Trump administration. It's very silly. It doesn't make any sense. But that's okay. It's just another indicator that our journalist classes wildly disconnected from the needs. And the wants of the American people. Now, speaking of folks are completely disconnected from the needs. And wants of the American people yet continue to gain credibility every day with that left left-wing press the women's March has now been revealed for what it is which was an intersectional scam. That was at least one foot in anti-semitism at all time. So the women's March remember they were nearly made the person of the year last year by time magazine because this was the upswing of women ever new movement. A new movement of women everywhere that never materialized intending thing concrete except for an angry March led by deplorables, actual deplorables, like to make a Mallory and Linda Sarsour now, there's an article over a tablet magazine talking about how deeply rooted the anti semitism was in the women's March does on November twelfth two thousand sixteen a group of seven women held a meeting in New York they'd never worked together before. In fact, most of them had never met. But they were brought together by what feld like the shared vision of an emerging mission. There were effectively two different cohorts. That's the first one including Brian Butler. Karen, wall tuck, Vanessa ruble, and Maryland folder fashion designer turned on the side. Line and activists politics who assumed the nom-de-guerre Bob bland these four renew acquaintances with connected in the days since Donald Trump's election through political networking on social media. Most of them had filtered through the pantsuit nation. Facebook group sounds like a party or a woman in Hawaiian Teresa shook had days before floated the idea of a female centered March the protest, the incoming administration soon after Rubio in Washington, DC native who founded okay Africa, a digital media platform, dedicated to new African music culture and politics reached out to a mansion unit. Michael Skolnik, the subject of a New York Times profile the previous year as an influence at the nexus of social activism and celebrity Skolnick held a powerful though, not easily defined role in the world of high profile activist politics. It's very rare to have one person who everyone respects in entertainment or in politics or among the grassroots had van Jones in two thousand fifteen but to have one person was respected by all three. There isn't anyone? But Michael Skolnik? When ruble, relayed her concern that the nascent women's movement had substantively include women of color Skolnick, poultry at just the women. I meet Carmen Perez and to make them Ellery their recommendations. Could out for personally it affects who's connecting ruble to leadership committee of his own nonprofit, a group called the gathering for Justice, Linda, Sarsour, another colleague from the gathering for Justice network was not present for the initial meetings. But soon joined the women's March as co chair a short time later. In advance of the meeting bland suggested they can be in Chelsea market in upscale food court in Manhattan when the day arrived women managed to find each other. But soon realized there is nowhere in the hectic. Maze like mall vendors quite enough to sit and talk. Eventually they were treated to the rooftop of a nearby hotel. There's nobody on the.

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